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    I have a blog at that just won’t allow users to create accounts. It is hosted on godaddy and installed automatically through their hosting connection. I have 3 other blogs that work as intended and are wordpress 3 blogs as well.
    The blog in question is supposed to be setup so that users can create their own accounts and are set as contributers or authors so they can post content. Problem is when set so they begin as normal users everything seems to work but that defeats the purpose cause they can only comment. When I set their default role to contributor or author it doesn’t work. They never get a password email when they register and the lost password link leads to an internal error 500 page. The host is a windows host with iis 7 and the latest mysql. I’ve tried disabling all plugins and recently uninstalling the whole thing and reinstalling a fresh copy and the fresh install has the same problem.

    Also once a person creates an account I can login as admin and create their password, but that defeats the purpose as well. The idea is a site where everyone can sign up and post content and comment on each other’s content. It should be pretty automatic in such a way that I’m not administrating everything. I should just log in to view content and moderate anything that gets out of hand.

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  • What Role are these users assined that should already be able to create new users?

    I’ve been setting them as contributers and authors. But when I set them as subscribers everything works. Problem is, I want them to be able to sign up and post on there own with no intervention from me. As it works right now they’d try to sign up and never get a password email and I’d have to log in and create a password for them and email them to let them know. Kinda defeats the purpose of a site where pretty much all the content will be user submitted.

    To clarify. I have tried setting default role to authors and tried setting it contributors. Only seems to work when I set it to subscriber.

    I AM FACING THE VERY ISSUE down to every single detail you mentioned. Notification emails are not sent for new user registrations and i get a 500 internal server error with forgot password…

    Im with godaddy as well on a windows shared hosting account… i have searched high and low and tried all the solutions… GD email support is not that helpful!

    what to do……

    i’ve tried a fresh wp installation too but the same error comes up – before i even get my hands into thing…..

    anyone with a solution?

    IF you both are on godaddy, what say it may be an issue with godaddy.
    Especially if you are using Windows hosting. I for one NEVER recommend windows hosting (from godaddy or anyone) with WordPress or any other PHP application.

    I’ll take that under advisement webjunk and see what happens if I switch the hosting to linux and then let you know if it works modernworldweb as it seems that we’re on our own with this one. Godaddy support has no answer and wordpress support hasn’t either so far.

    Note that I do have two other wordpress blogs with windows hosting on godaddy that have always worked fine (over 1 year). It’s just the one new blog that doesn’t work.

    Well, switching to Linux took about 12 hours but it did the job. Makes no sense tho with my other two blogs being on godaddy on windows hosting and working fine.



    I am getting the same issue… But I thought it may have something to do with me moving my wordpress install to a new host (from JustHost to GoDaddy).

    Everything is working fine (after about 17 hours of hell) but my old users can no longer access the site (if their role is higher than subscriber).

    Even lost the admin account, but I found I can make new admin accounts just fine using phpMyAdmin. From the admin dashboard, I can change roles, but only subscriber works. Users with higher roles return a 500 Internal Server Error.

    I don’t use WordPress for general users, only for contributors, so I suppose I COULD set up all my writers as Admin, but one of them might “accidentally” change a setting and screw everything up…

    Is there a work around anyone knows of? I mean, simply because it’s on “GoDaddy” doesn’t really help… surely there is a REASON for this not to work. (I’m on a Linux, shared host – WordPress 3.0.1)

    Is there a way to manually set up an editor using phpMyAdmin directly into the database? I wonder if that would work…

    I’ve also found that if I set up an admin, then change them to subscriber and BACK to Admin they return a 500 error, too.

    Grrr… urge to kill: rising…….

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