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  • You’re the man, Root, but if you’re gonna give something away to the community, it says a lot about you for you to lace it with the venom of your cynicism and bile. Wanna know why it will never ship? Because it will validate every bitter word that you have uttered from your poisoned rhetoric.
    I have never heard of Gemini before but I have been using the same techniques since I moved to a fixed width design, long before you gave it a name. I don’t care if you’ve branded it, more power to you. I don’t care if dozens of people thank you for it. But you fire the first shots of your campaign so antagonistically that you have ensured that you will be ignored by the very people who could actually help make changes.
    Whatever response — or lack of it — you get, you deserve.

    Breaks in Mozilla (Firefox and Camino) – looks like float problems. The ‘Comments (1)’ link for the first post is pushed down below the entire content of the left side bar.

    Root, thanks for putting this up. I’ve been looking for a good 3-col flexible layout for a while. Some test results:
    – Firefox 0.9.3: perfect.
    – Opera 7.5.1: Comments link of the 1st post pushed down as described by anon above.
    – IE6.0: Ditto. Also, when displaying a single post (e.g. index.php?p=2) the right hand ad boxes move down to the bottom of the right hand column.
    Also, I see the menu comes before the content in the source. IIRC your earlier version had the content first (although it had some other ugliness in IE which is now gone). I guess I can’t have everything…
    Another thing, just a personal opinion: part of the beauty of Firefox is that it’s so easy to change the font size – I like it BIG – and part of the beauty of truly flexible layouts is that they can accomodate that without breaking – meaning that, IMO, the width of the left and right columns should be specified in em’s rather than pixels (that’s one thing I do like about Dave Shea’s WP default). Of course that makes it impossible to use “faux columns” (at least for a noob like me), but I care more about the font scaling.

    Thanks for the feedback. Quickly. Bugs are bugs and I will do my best to get them fixed up. Design is design. This is a flexible solution to a particular problem., which is getting menu bgs all the way down. It was first proposed by Ryan Brill at alistapart and I have adapted it for WP. The content order is part of that solution. In a perfect world we would all have ems all round. I agree. I have ems based layouts on the drawing board for both Gemini and Trident. Whether we choose one layout or another is a matter of choice. But eventually the limitations of every single design become clear. Mine are no different. Roll on CSS 3. Thanks for your interest.

    Yup, agreed. Perhaps if you manage to sort out how it displays in IE and Opera, I’ll be able to turn faux columns into what I want.. 3 cols + header + footer, flexible and not broken in any broswer would be a great start for me. Or maybe I’ll have to actually read and understand Stuart’s tutorial…

    Two specific faults seem to be occuring. One is anons description of the comment link being misplaced in moz and camino. I am on FF but can’t see it.
    Then there is the comment protruding into the r menu. That is the well known 3 px jog; a well established IE bug and quite easy to fix.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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