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  • Hi all,

    a few weeks ago I started to use WordPress 3.0.1 with the Thematic Theme Framework to build a personal, but professional quality website. My goals with the site is to:

    1. provide content — translations of various, 2 000-15 000 words essays — in different categories, but with:
      • category pages with dynamic, chronological listings of the content,
      • category pages with descriptions above the listings,
      • subscription options (feeds) for each category,
      • eliminating any sign of the comment system on the category and content pages
    2. provide an additional blog that is clearly separated from the main content, but included in the main feed of the site; and the blog should support commenting.

    WordPress installation (on WAMP) was a breeze, and I managed to learn CSS, hooks, filters, and even did some JavaScript to implement text resize and sidebar hiding options on the page… The design is almost ready, so I started to look into how to actually structure the content. This is where I started to feel really confused about what to do. Should I use pages, posts or custom post types for the CMS-like content (long essays)? How to separate it clearly from blog posts, while providing dynamic listings, descriptions above listings and feeds?

    • If I use pages I have to create custom page templates to have dynamic page listings and feeds; but I will have a clean URL.
    • If I use posts I have to create custom category templates to include descriptions on the dynamic listing pages, and I don’t like the “category” part of the URL.
    • Or should I use posts for the content, but then create pages with custom post listings, instead of making category templates?
    • Or should I use custom post type? I have no idea about how dynamic listings and feeds work with custom post types.
    • And lastly, how to provide an effective, clutterless permalink structure for categories/posts that doesn’t confuse users but also doesn’t hurt server performance?

    Obviously I would choose the option that needs the least modifications/hacks, and provides the best usability in the long term. But I’m not confident about any of these options, and I don’t even know which option should I research on the internet. There are many articles, but I suppose many of them are obsolete in the light of the new custom post types.

    Could anybody provide some ideas about what route should/could I choose? I feel that there is a lack of clear/official implementation strategies if we are talking about CMS, and especially CMS+blog, use. 🙁

    (BTW, sorry for the long post. I have problems with keeping things short… :))

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