WordPress 3 and 500 errors solved - suhosin + php_ini culprit (2 posts)

  1. sguk
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Last night I had no sleep. It took me 9 hours of frustration so I"m posting this here to help anyone else who has the problem.

    1. I have several sites using WordPress
    2. Last night I turned on mod_deflate which compresses files by around 70%, recommended by Google
    3. Rebuilt apache.... then couldn't log into any WordPress admin areas.
    4. After alot of pain, my last resort was to turn OFF mod_deflate
    5. STILL I get errors.

    By now I was stressed, very stressed. The server was exactly as compiled before the errors so I emailed my dedicated support guys. Angelo rebuilt apache and all was fine.

    I found out what caused the error.

    - Angelo compiled apache without suhosin php hardening

    - To trace the error I recompiled it again WITH suhosin and the error returned, this proved it was not mod_deflate which caused the error. It was WordPress 3 and suhosin

    csf firewall says
    Check php for ini_set disabled <<< was not done
    Check php for Suhosin

    WordPress version 3 has an ini_set in admin.php which tries to change the php memory allocation, and suhosin doesn't allow this = which meant we got a server error on login

    I went to Service Configuration >> PHP Configuration Editor >> advanced mode >> Safe Mode disable_functions

    and added ini_set

    The server error disappears... and security in csf increases

    I'll add this to the forum as I didn't find this information anywhere on the internet last night.
    It might help others,

    By recompiling the server without suhosin my datacentre guy Angelo, highlighted where the problem was. I'd spent 9 hours thinking it was mod_deflate...which was th eobvious culprit as I'd just turned it on.


  2. esmi
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    Moving this to Requests & Feedback.

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