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  • Upgraded to 2.9 and also have this error when I try to save a draft of a new post:
    Create new post
    Add Title and some text.
    Save Draft.
    “Your attempt to edit this post has failed. Please try again”

    Going to the dashboard, the autosave appears to have saved the drafted posts. If I preview those posts, or add info then save draft or preview it is successful. Just the initial ‘save draft’ after creating a post is failing.

    If I create a new post it appears autosave is firing more than once, and then is hanging on “Saving Draft…”

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  • This behaviour appears to have been corrected by upgrading my hosting account from PHP 4.x to PHP 5.
    See also

    I’ve got the same issue, upgrading to php5 did solve it. WP 2.9 relies more in php5 than advertised I think.

    Eh.. that didn’t solve it. What I’ve noticed is this :
    – 2.9 hasn’t got any default category when you’re posting a new post (in 2.8.x it was “Uncatagorized”) and leaves that empty. Meaning the post will be submitted without any category, and that causes I think the error we’re seeing.

    Some more testing :
    php5/upgrade wp2.9 / default category set up.

    –> creating post title bla, body “bla” , save draft –> error.
    When I look into the draft what actually is saved anyway –> no catagory is present…..

    I had the same problem. The cause was “Twitter Tools” plugin. I have found out this by
    1. disable all plugins.
    2. enable plugins one by one and write a post to test.

    It is worth doing the procedure to see every plugin you installed are compatible with 2.9.

    I have the same problem under PHP 5.1.6. Will try to disable “Twitter Tools” plugin to see if it’ll help.

    UDPATE: The Twitter Tool cases that problem. Already sent bug-report to its developer.

    I’m having the same problem, and disabling Twitter Tools *does* fix it.

    I don’t have Twitter Tools and I’m getting the same problem – and my server should be PHP 5


    I’ve also noticed the revision history is gone. Don’t know if that’s part of WP 2.9 or something else. I have a feeling it was another plug-in that was updated today. Will have to try and do some more testing to see.

    Is there anything else in common with your installations? I just tried this with an upgraded install of 2.9 and the latest version of Twitter Tools. I created a new post with the post title of “Test” then pressed tab to move to the body and typed “Test”. Then I clicked Save Draft and it saved correctly. “Notify Twitter about this post” was set to Yes and I tried it multiple times with new posts.

    I also tried it with “bla” for the title and content since it was specifically outlined in the steps to reproduce the error here.

    I’m just looking for something else in common with the installations so I can share it with the developer. Thanks.

    > wphelpcentre
    Twitter tools worked fine on 2.8.3 having a little bug to double post a daily/weekly digest. I automatic update wordpress to 2.9 and the problem occurred.

    The problem happens in both Notify Twitter about this post set to “Yes’ and “No”.

    my bad, it’s 2.8.6, not 2.8.3.

    I deactivate tweeter tool by Alex King and problem is soleved, but can anyone tell which tweeter tool should i use now to send my blog posts to tweter

    Hy guys,

    I agree totally. I disable Twitter Tools, was the release 2.0.
    Now the blog work fine.

    I think we need to wait the update from the developer.
    At this moment its better to update Twitter by hands!

    To everyone who keeps suggesting we disable Twitter Tools … it’s already been mentioned that this also happens to those of us without Twitter Tools.

    We’d also appreciate a solution of some sort as well. Tks!

    Do you still have the problem when you disable all plugins?

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