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  • Does anyone have a solution to Word Press 2.8 pages loading very slowly?

    I’ve seen a number of threads on this topic, but no one seems to have figured out a solution.

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  • There’s a whole list of reasons why a given site is running slowly, so it’s hard to come up with a definitive list or reason. Some factors that might impact on performance are:

    – the number of active plugins being used
    – the complexity of the current theme
    – the file size of the images being used

    Also, WP 2.8 is lame and the syntax highlighter kills your pages.

    Upgrade to at least 2.8.1 if it’s compatible with your plugins.

    I am on 2.8.2.

    This seems to be a universal problem with Word Press 2.8

    Yeah, but at least 2.8.1 & 2.8.2 aren’t as slow as 2.8 w/ syntax highlighter. I have noticed the lag though.

    I don’t think having “drag & drop” elements everywhere helps.

    No one seems to have a solution. And to say drop complex themes and plugins isn’t helpful. WordPress is wordpress because of the blogging AND themes and plugins, it’s like saying to speed up the car, get rid of the passengers.

    I’ve had a look,

    1. the CPU isn’t burning out at 100%
    2. the MySQL is simple(the tables don’t contain 10^6 records)
    3. it is flacky, sometimes fast, often slow

    I think the problem is in the PHP, possibly the linking between the site and 3rd party sources. If a third party source (for example, not saying this is the problem at ALL) has a throttle on access, then the PHP on your site will just sit and wait till the host is resolved.
    I would like to know how many 3rd party sites are being requested during an average page load. Is there a slow one?

    Another thing which puzzles me is, if you have more than 1 instance of the your WP site running, get the first one to do a task, this one hangs, then get the second one to do the same task, the second one often does is in a blink.

    I had been tested all the alternatives, and the plugin “No Blog Clients” fix 80% my problem. This plugin removes link elements from your WordPress header for Windows Live Writer and other blog clients using the WordPress XML-RPC interface. After this plugin, the Admin Panel of WordPress loads more fast.

    I added this: in php.ini (line 597 aprox.) and help some too.




    No one seems to have a solution because there IS no ONE solution.

    “And to say drop complex themes and plugins isn’t helpful. WordPress is wordpress because of the blogging AND themes and plugins, it’s like saying to speed up the car, get rid of the passengers.”

    No, it’s like saying, “to speed up the car, get rid of the extra 1,000 pounds of chrome.”

    You can look good, or go fast.

    You can guess all day at what might cause a slowdown. The only way to know for sure is to test. Deactivate all of your plugins. Remove all the widgets and functionality that connect to outside sources. Activate the Classic theme.

    Still run slow? THAT is when you start looking for PHP/MySQL problems.

    I’ve been getting CPU Throttle to the point my site has been hanging forever. It worked very well all up until today and nothing has changed. I’ve been going through looking at any active plug ins that I could live without and deactivated them. My php.ipi file memory max was set to 100. To try and get an error, I lowered it to 32.

    This successfully set off an error with the AVH First Defense Against Spam plug in, so I deactivated it. It still hung forever. I deactivated wp_insert just because it’s a big plug-in – it does a lot of stuff and there is overlap in what it does and other plug-ins. It still hung afterwards.

    Anyways, it’s hours later, and performance is a bit better at the moment, but who knows about tomorrow.

    Are the hosting companies just being thrifty with the CPU allocations or what? This seems to be a very big problem, and I’ve got a small blog (though it does have a lot of plug-ins for better functionality).

    I have upgraded to 2.8.6 and now the site is taking forever to load. I have 2 instances on the one domain – one running fine and the other at snail’s pace. I have tried removing the theme, deactiviating the plugins – neither helped.

    When you deactivate plugins and switch themes, you cannot always expect an immediate and definite increase of speed, you may need to leave them deactivated for a little while and test it as you wait. If you do not already have a form of caching in place, implement it, too.
    The following article should help you with optimizing your sites:

    Is your site running on PHP 5? I had a few speed issues with WordPress until I upgraded to PHP 5 through my hosting service. That resolved any sluggish behavior.

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