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  • WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade to 2.8
    Windows Server 2008
    MySQL 5.1

    Issue either doing a upgrade of anykind or installing a new wordpress installtion i get a 500 internal error when going to admin area. I cannot login to admin area at all. Main site works and everything looks good except for admin area.

    I have increased and decreased memory limits to see if that helps iisreset checked handler mappings etc…

    Could someone please let me know what to do in order to upgrade? Increase logging how do i do that?


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  • Brandon

    I have two suggestions:

    1. do a manual reinstall of wordpress 2.8 by following the instructions here:

    2. Add a memory increase code for your php installation (especially if you are using a hosted server). The instructions are at the same address.

    Part of the post at the above link covers Error 500 Internal Server Errors.



    Hi Glenn thanks i have tried both of those solutions and still no dice… This is not a hosted server this is my own server at home which is currently hosting my blog running wordpress 2.7.1 fine.

    Even if i try a manuall install to a new blog not my current one i still get the same result so the install is working fine database is fine there seems to be an issue with either PHP, MySQL or IIS7 but i am unaware of where to look for any issues?


    I am having the exact same issue. I can install the WordPress, but as soon as i try to login to the admin panel, i get 500 error. I have Windows 2008 Server, SP2, Latest version of PHP as well as the MySql x64.

    Anonymous Authentication is enabled, i have created a ApplicationPool for the site and used a specific account for the access. I have tried increasing the memory limits as well. I set the folder permissions to 775. I can’t locate .htaccess file. I am running out of ideas to try things.. 2.7.1 is working fine when i put the backup back..

    Hi Guys,

    I am sorry to respond so late. I have tried upgrading to PHP 5.3.0 VC9 NTS version. But now, whenever i try to open a website with “<?php
    ?> ” it says 500 – Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.. The interesting thing is that, i can start WordPress installation, but as soon as i click on Install, it says 500-Internal Server error again.. Any ideas for that?

    No one had an issue updating the PHP 5.2.0 to PHP 5.3.0? 5.2.0 was working perfectly. I cant get 5.3.0 to work. I am taking the same exact steps.

    WordPress does not like IIS. I had mine running on godaddy with IIS7 & PHP 5, and it worked fine for about a month or so… then I upgraded or added a plugin it didn’t like and it killed my entire site.

    It can be installed with IIS & PHP 5 but it doesn’t like it.

    Use a Linux/Apache server.


    I just reinstalled an hour ago – Fresh clean copy of Server 2008, IIS7 role and services, FTP, Remote Desktop, PHP 5 (newest version), MySQL (newest version), and PHPMyAdmin (Newest version).

    Installed all the newest versions of everything. Same error!! Everything comes up beautiful, wordpress blog, ip address, domain name, PHPMYADMIN even works great! But when I try and access the WP-ADMIN it 500 errors. That was to be a certain IIS7 config problem?

    Any suggestions? People use WP and IIS everyday without problems! They both work together, just have to figure it out.

    THANKS! 🙂 – Ill keep working on it too, If I find out, ill write it!

    Okay, fixed it! I don’t know if this will help anybody but this is what I did.

    Within my wwwroot directory, I was told in a tutorial to edit a web.config file or something. What I did was completely delete all files (even that webconfig file) within the wwwroot dir expect the .net asp folder.

    I download wordpress and moved fresh copy to the root dir. went into the PHPMYADMIN and dropped the wordpress db for old one. started a new db with new name. edited the wp-config file with proper names.

    Installed wordpress and worked! Uploaded my old theme, (which I honestly never tested before) and 500 ERROR!

    The ERROR (for me) was my theme! 2 .php files got corrupt somehow. Check you current theme! The blank screen solution is something to do with your browser or the network your on. My site works, but shows up blank when im at work (due to my works network).

    SO BLANK is network or browser problem – 500 error could be your theme. Delete your theme and use the default and see if that helps! CODE NEVER CHANGES, ITS CODE! IF IT WORKED BEFORE THEN A FILE SOMEHOW GOT CORRUPT!


    Hey knoxlogic,
    I just got that 500 error while working on the website, and am positive it’s from the theme. The question is…how do I change the theme if I can’t even log in?
    I just starting using this site today, so am not completely familiar with everything yet…
    How were you able to change out your theme?


    ftp to your themes folder and rename the theme, that should force wp to revert to the default theme.

    Ok so as dannyhajek I had the same problem, I installed a theme and it gabe me an error 500. So I followed ZGani and I changed the name on ftp and it went back to default theme and got my admin central back. Now how do I get that theme to work properly. And its not like its some random theme, its Suffusion which is quite popular.

    Guys don’t forget, IIS7 uses a Web.config file in place of the .htaccess. A quick fix for most 500 errors is to delete the Web.config, restart the site, and try again.

    This will behave in the same fashion as .htaccess. I use WPMU and soon to be WP3.0 in a W2k8R2 environment, this almost always does the trick.

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