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  • I’ve now had 2 blogs hacked in 2 days.

    My friend’s blog which I set up last week, and today my blog also got hacked.

    Anyways, my site is

    At a first glance all looks well, only when you attempt to load posts does the hacking appear. Pages and the admin section looks fine, also my database seems fine which I’ll back up when I get home later today.

    This is more FYI to the community. Please feel free to move this as needed to the required section.

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  • I’m not sure what you mean “when you attempt to load posts” – do you mean when you try to load them from the front end as individual posts or.. ? Also what code is being inserted, and have you found out where it’s loading from?

    My website uses pages and posts.

    If you attempt to view a post, by clicking on any of the links on the front page, you’ll see the hacked content right now until I fix it.

    Would love to see a link. Also did you figure out where it’s loading from (a template, the database, etc?) and was your buddy’s site hacked in the very same way?

    Ok, I’ve fixed it now, they somehow modified something within my theme files. Now’s a good time for me to back everything up!

    Oh, nevermind I see the link now. :-p Checking it out.. and it looks like you must have already fixed it. Was the hacked code loading up in the template or.. ?


    got ya. If you’re done editing your template, you may as well chmod the files so they can’t be modified anymore. More info here:

    Was your friend’s site hacked in the same way? and were you using the same template? I’m about to update a few sites to 2.7.1 and want to be sure we’re safe.


    my friend’s site was not hacked the same way, his appears to have been hacked by chinese because there are chinese characters appearing on his site. For privacy reasons I can’t post a link here.

    My site was hacked only within my theme, everything else seems to be operating as normal. It must’ve happened sometime yesterday but I only noticed today because of the drop in hits. Even though my front pages are indeed pages most of my content is within posts.

    Good note about the chmod, I’ll look into this. I’ll take a look at your link too, I’m now backing stuff up.

    So two totally different hacks in two days? Mmm, I’d check your own system to be sure you don’t have some nasty keylogger stealing your passwords. 🙁

    To fix your friends blog did you have to edit the theme there as well?

    These websites are not hosted on my machines but on Hostmonster.

    If you had a keylogger on your system, someone could have stolen your passwords to Hostmonster.

    I highly doubt this. If they did so I’m sure they would’ve wreaked more damage. Secondly why hack my site? THey’d be going after my bank accounts.

    More details about the hack job. They did hack the admin account in wordpress. I don’t use the admin account and now after this incident I’ve deleted the admin account.

    So the hacking was more severe then just overwriting some of the theme files. FYI.

    My friend’s site also had all of its users modified, we had multiple admin accounts on there.

    Ok Supernovia, I’ve now checked over everything on the server and the link you suggested above. It appears my files always had permissions that give them right to only be modified by the owner. I’m a bit at a loss now because that means (to me right now) that they did gain access to the server somehow as my account.

    I don’t understand anything about hacking. Is it possible for those files to be modified w/o them gaining access to my username/password somehow?

    If you are on a shared server which it looks like it is then the logical explanation would be a security risk with your host server. I would notify your hosting company to update the server kernel and all the software such as mysql, php etc.

    Sorry I didn’t check back for a few days. Did you get this worked out? For what it’s worth, I’d think if someone went to the trouble to hack an entire server, they’d apply the same hack to all sites in a batch rather than hacking each one individually. I’d check your systems for trojans then change your passwords :-/

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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