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  • For the last few months I have been working hard on a new website of mine and using WordPress for the first time since it suited all my needs. Over all I think WordPress is a great piece of software. But one item which I hope will be worked on is the Media Library.

    My site now has over 4,000 images and growing by leaps and bounds. What I found the Media Library lacking is good image management. I know that this is probably been a hot topic, but in my use I found the following problems:

    – Can only search by title name and not image file name.
    – No easy way to put images in categories and/or No options for tags (keywords to group images – Image Tags??
    – No feedback if any problems with the resizing of images or more any problems deleting images.
    – No Comment fields options which. A lot of my images have a ref number and would be good to be able to add a extra field for this.
    – No Image SQL database – Having to use good old Excel for this

    I have looked at many plugins but found that I want to stick with the core library due to the high volume images. As I work with the site, I’ll be using a lot more images and needing to use old images to reduce duplications. As you can guess, a lot of time is put into remembering what images I have, and more, time wasted searching for images.

    I hope Media Library v2.0 will help better manage images.


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  • Yeah, I definitely hope they’ll improve the media library over time… that’s kind of why I chose the WP media library to handle my photo albums – because I’ve seen how much WordPress improves regularly.

    They might also want to look at having better support for posts with a lot of photos (100+). I’ve noticed that when I’m uploading 100 and more photos to put into one album I get a script warning (“script not responding” or something) from jQuery when I’m in the media library.

    – Hannes



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    Media management will be completely overhauled in version 2.8 so we can give it the attention it deserves. Sadly that means no big changes for media in 2.7 aside from a few minor fixes. We’ll soon begin collecting feedback to help influence the direction of the 2.8 media features.

    It’s good to hear!! I am in need of some type of management with the 4,500+ images I have uploaded.


    As many people ask for many things to a point were it gets to be an overload, there is just one small item I would like added which shouldn’t take all that much coding and would help many who use images day to day. This would be to expand the searching of images by filename. It would be a great help to be able to search by file name and not just custom media name.



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    @oztwo Given that we are already behind schedule with the release and only in Beta 3, no new features will be added by the lead developers, who are completely occupied with squashing bugs and making the application run faster and in all of our supported browsers. If you are able to write a patch that would add the functionality you’re asking for, or know someone who can, feel free to create a Trac ticket with patch attached and the developers will check it out. However, only tickets with patches attached will be looked at if in reference to a new feature rather than a bug.


    I hear you all the way. I need to first get my hand on what you are doing with the Media Library and any database management that is being used. What I’m asking for is one simple modification of an SQL statement to add an AND operator. Right now you have it only searching the title field and not the filename field.

    I guess you could call it a bug. You have OpenOffice and you need to find a document. But OpenOffice only supports searching for files by document titles and not filename. See a problem here??

    Hope it will be improved for the next 2.8, and it will be good if can upload images directly to Media Library folder via ftp

    Or at least allow us to add a media file via URL like the wordTube plugin does…

    Sigh… all this open source software has really spoiled me badly!

    Thanks for all the efforts, WP crew!

    like johnwar said, I would love to be able to upload images directly to the Media Library folder via ftp.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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