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    Having upgraded to WP 2.7, I have noticed a major change in comments. I have made the changes to the theme according to Ottos article:

    The comments work but I have one major gripe with the way they work now and wondered if others experience the same? And more importantly, how can this be changed to the way it worked in WP 2.6.x.

    When a user leaves a comment on a post, after submit, it refreshes to a different looking post page which does not include the post text, just the title, a different looking sidebar and the comments. Before, it use to refresh back to the full post page including the new comment added and proper sidebar.

    I noticed the following. The typical and original post URL, using permalinks is:

    When the page refreshes after a comment is added, the post URL becomes:

    So, the page is completely different.

    This page messes up the presentation of the page of my theme, as I am not sure which template it uses to present this ‘comment only’ page.

    I’ve tried switchting pagination off and threading off in the WP2.7 settings but this does not make a difference to this behaviour.

    Can someone tell me how the original post page can be refreshed instead of this ‘comment only’ page?

    Or what changes I need to make to the theme code to stop this from happening?

    Any help with this will be highly appreciated.

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  • I have noticed a difference in other people’s blogs. The comments work.

    For example with no pagination, when a comment is left on theirs, the URL is:

    This correctly, renders the original page with the new comment added.

    I have tried it with pagination off on my blog and I get this URL as shown above but the page layout is still incorrect…

    Thx for any help.

    Having turned pagination off and threading off, the problem still persists.

    Also, I tried it with the default WordPress 2.7 theme. The same thing happens. I am not getting refreshed to the full post page but another page with no post text but the comments and post title etc.

    Does anyone know how I can solve this?

    Thx for any help.

    Problem was with the Search Unleashed plugin.

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