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  • Resolved massacre


    I’ve searched through forums but cannot find similar topic:

    I’ve upgraded to WP 2.7 B3 and all the comments, written in Cyrillic are with very strange encoding. Strange is that when I try to edit them, I can read everything in the admin panel. Same problem with new comments.

    Here is the link. It’s written in bulgarian, but you can still see the problems with the comments.

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  • Little update: Everything is fine with the text in the RSS stream. I don’t know if it’s important. Probably there is something in comments.php or single.php.. I don’t know, but I’ll appreciate every help!

    And one more update: On fresh installation of the latest beta of WP 2.7, Cyrillic in comments seems to be fine. Please, if someone have an idea how to fix my older comments, I will really appreciate it! I know it’s not a good idea to install beta versions over working finals of previous versions, but.. it’s too late now and I really would like to have my comments back and readable.

    P.S. On different themes, there are some problems with encoding even in the sidebar.

    Hi again!

    I don’t want to be boring, but I really need some help. Or at least some ideas how to fix this problem. I am updating to every nightly build, but still can’t resolve this strange problem. Thank you in advance!

    Finally! I found the “fix”, although I am not sure what exactly was the problem. I had 3 unupdated plugins: WP-Stats, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and Search Everything. I will search through changelogs, but I assume that either YARPP or Search Everything was the reason for the encoding problems. Now everything seems to works fine!

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