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  • I have been trying to update the WordPress automatically since its first beta release, but every time I do an automatic upgrade, it seems that it fails.

    After entering my FTP credentials and after clicking Proceed, the screen turns turns blank.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

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  • Sorry, no suggestion for you. I’ve had similar problem. Post up for nearly two weeks, no one made suggestion that worked…

    Might have to do a manual update by downloading the latest nightly zip file and following the Upgrading WordPress Extended instructions.

    I did a manual update, and have upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.7-almost-rc-9965.

    I tried doing an automatic upgrade again, but still the screen turns blank after entering my FTP credentials.

    Are there any requirements for the server to meet in order for the automatic core upgrade to work properly?

    In case you missed this, the auto-updater in 2.7* requires php 5. I upgraded and the mysterious no error failed upgrades I was getting stopped and everything worked as expected.

    So make sure you’re running on php 5 before pulling your hair out.

    Using PHP 5.2.6 – loaded RC1, tried auto-update, lost part of the admin interface but browser showed progress wheel (FF3.0.4 on OS X 10.5.5) so I let it go for 15 mins – assumed something had hung an stopped it. Site down. Reloaded WP fileset, site came back up fine. Plugin updating worked flawlessly in v2.6, not sure issue is FTP related. Will wait for nightly builds with bated breath (or bait-breath, depends on if you ask my wife)

    For me, it keeps saying there is a new version (I assume nightly build), when I try to update, it looks like’s it’s doing so but then immediately says there’s a new version again. I’m running 2.7 RC1.

    I have the same problem. But does WordPress require the cURL library to be able to do the automatic upgrade?

    I use ASO (A Small Orange) and the auto updates works fine for me. There is a list on WordPress somewhere with web host listed they know auto updates works fine with. Mine is listed as one of them.

    No problems here.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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