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    Just a note, and I know that I’m working with the Safari beta, but have a look here:

    The link interface in WordPress never fully loads in the new Safari beta.Window gets grayed-out and there’s no way to break out of it short of navigating away from the window.

    Any thoughts?

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  • The only solution I have found it to be in HTML mode instead of Visual when creating a link.

    This “feels” like the pre 2.5 issues with TinyMCE and Safari. I suspect that what ever WP 2.7.x is using to power the visual edit mode uses some coding that is incompatible with the Nitro JavaScript engine in Safari 4.

    Hopefully there will be a dot release sooner rather than later to address this issue.

    Of course, if the code causing the problem is produced by a third-party outside of WP control, we may be in for another long wait before it is resolved.

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    Also broken… If you use Press This and, after saving a draft, press the Edit link at the top of the Press This window, nothing happens.

    I can confirm this bug, at least on OS X. Once the screen grays out, you’re toast. 😉

    Same issue here. The flash uploader works, just seems to be the TinyMCE options.

    Same exact problem here. Currently using firefox to post but hope the problem will be solved soon.

    The problem is caused by TineMce as you can see on their website: TinyMce

    I have sadly the very same issue. Bummer! Thankfully, if I waited a bit, at least the post auto-saved to draft, so I didn’t lose everything.

    I’m glad to see that it’s a TinyMCE issue and not a WordPress one, but still, I can imagine that there won’t be a quick fix to this 🙁 Hmm a pity that Apple’s Safari writes the Beta over the last version. Ironically, I have been beta-testing Safari 4 for quite a long time now, and only the last “public” release has this issue with TinyMCE; the one available for the closed Beta worked flawlessly, and since the first release, it was always 100% Acid3 Test compatible.

    One wonders if someone knows of a workaround to this?… The TinyMCE forums only lists it and the TinyMCE is being aware of the issue and promising to fix it in an upcoming patched version

    I don’t use TinyMCE in WordPress and see the same bug I see. Very sad, Safari 4 looks very great. I’m working on a Mac OS X. Hope there will be soon a solution.

    It looks like the problem is in Safari. If you want to use Safari Beta 4 with WordPress, you can use the Webkit, nightly build. This works great. Have a try yourself!

    I can confirm creatov’s solution works. Nice!

    Thank you very much, creatov! It worked quite well for me too. Now I just need Gears to work with Safari 4/WebKit too hehe… at least in WordPress, Gears says it’s installed properly… but the “Turbo” button says otherwise.

    Anyway, my major worry was really the problem with the links. I’m glad it’s all Apple’s fault *grins* and not WordPress’ or TinyMCE’s.

    Please fix this bug within WordPress sooner than later!

    Talk about slow! I just tried the latest WebKit as suggested above, and, compared to just about anything else, it simply crawls! Page loads take 4-5 times longer when compared even to Safari 3. Also, it’s pretty non-intuitive to launch WebKit when you want Safari…. 🙁

    But wait … there’s more. Now, accessing the internet over Wifi is completely hosed.

    The weird part is, I used Safari 4 for a while before this bug appeared. How do you explain that???

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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