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    What is with the new wordpress admin theme it doesnt go with the theme or colors. Why did it change from the crazy horse theme to this nasty thing. Who’s idea was that

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    @sushubh I think they know what they are doing, it’s just scary when people think it looks ok in it’s beta design state ie. “new dash is sleek and clean and a lot more up to par with modern application”

    Samuel B


    it’s easy to set up a test site and help us with 2.7
    as for the admin – far from finished



    it’s easy to set up a test site and help us with 2.7
    as for the admin – far from finished


    Any chance I can upgrade to 2.7 and still maintain the 2.6 look? I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into improving the admin area, and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone here, but I think the 2.6 look is far better, simpler, and less torturous to the eyes than this new one.



    @parrfolio : Yes, yes, and some more yes. Finally someone else who understands why having that left hand navigation is such a bad idea.

    @astereo: Windows Me, Windows Vista, The Edsel, the bridge to nowhere all had sleek modern designs for their times. This is just one more case where fancy flash is put ahead of function.



    We’re keeping the left navigation. Sorry some of you don’t like it; maybe you could get together and put out a plugin that would give you a different admin interface that suits your tastes. Just as many people chose to install the Fluency plugin to get a left nav before, and Ozh’s drop down menus to get a minimized top menu bar, there will always be people who prefer something other than the design in core. However, the design is settled for the next few versions, so rather than complaining about how much you personally dislike it, your time might be spent more constructively working toward a plugin that would help resolve your situation.

    i have nothing much to say,
    wat i wan to say is wp 2.7 admin panel is sux!

    i hope to see there is an option for ppl to select to switch to the wp 2.6 admin panel layout, since most wp users already get used to it.

    and the old admin panel layout is definitely better than the new 1!!!

    i think there might be some ppl willing to take the risk to not updating to wp 2.7 just for the old layout. and i will be 1 of them. i rather having exploit in my wordpress than using the new stupid layout!

    I respect the work of the community and I don’t want to gloss over the many improvements in 2.7, but I agree that the interface has become too scripted, superfluous, and a tad unconventional.

    As a designer and developer I fall into the same trap all the time, so I am not throwing stones. It’s tempting to do so many things in life, because we can.

    The customizations feel on some level like proof of concept parlor tricks which don’t always streamline tasks or keep me oriented. I was also surprised at some of the type choices, and the overall busyness and lack of strong identity in the icons.

    Just an observation, but if you are using the Ozh’ Admin Drop-Down Menus plug-in you need to de-activate it, or your dashboard will not display properly. If you have already installed 2.7 RC1 with the plug-in installed, you will not be able to get to Plug-In management from the dashboard and will have to load the page manually by going to (your blog)/wp-admin/plugins.php.

    Matt, thanks for the heads up on Ozh drop down, I have been going crazy trying to even find my plugin panel, ( which I can not seem to get to)
    so I will uninstall the plugin from my cpanel.
    I am not feeling the love for this 2.7 right now. I have many older clients who I train to blog and this is confusing and I am not looking forward to redoing all my training videos either.

    I like the new backend look. Sleek, efficient, modern and functional.

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