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    Hi !

    I’m trying to install WP 2.7 on my website, but I got stucked at step 3 and deleted all the files from my database to begin again. Still no success. 🙁

    I had to install it on another website last year and someone from your helpdesk did it for me. I just had to fill-in a form with all the access codes.

    Does that still exists ?

    Thanx for your answer.

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  • Well if the Stwp 3 is too daunting, don’t create the wp-config.php and just browse to and fill out the information that way. ?

    That link doesn’t work, it shows up a blank page, like I would not be connected to Internet. I even tried to change wp-admin into wordpress-admin, and it’s still wrong.

    I checked the MySQL database, user & PW and I don’t see any error in the config.php page….

    So what is your domain? (e.g. ) And if wordpress is in the wordpress folder under your web-root folder it would be

    Do you have a .htaccess file in your root? Going to your server causes wptanya to repeat in the first folder… Which is wild.

    Sorry, but all those technical stuff sounds like Chinese to me.
    I can not see any .htaccess anywhere… 🙁

    i think i have the same problem.
    Iam an absolute newbie in that thing.
    thats my result 🙁
    Can someone help me?

    @lz – use something like FileZilla to connect to your host and delete or rename .htaccess (may have to tell FileZilla under View to ‘Show hidden files’.)

    @shari123 – your site looks installed at


    I just remembered something about .htaccess
    I know that it sounded familiar to me…

    I got this a few weeks ago for my webhoster :

    In our ongoing commitment to the security of our customers, we have discovered a vulnerability located within many of our client’s websites, including yours. This is a self replicating virus which is found by visiting well-known search engines. When you click on any link it may redirect you to a fake Anti-Virus 2009 website which appears to scan your system and then asks you to download the software. Once downloaded and installed it begins displaying pop ups on your desktop. At this time it collects your FTP user name and password from your own computer and uses that information to upload an exploited file named “.htaccess” to your website. Any visitors to your website will then be redirected to the fake anti-virus website.

    Any clue on this ? Should it be the problem then ?
    I never downloaded that software, so it’s strange that this hidden file should be on my website…
    Whatever, I’ll go and create a trouble ticket at my webhoster… I’ll let you know the result. :S

    I know what it was like when things like .htaccess sounded like chinese.

    If you want you can contact me through my website under my profile and I can likely solve your problem for you.

    Thanx a lot ! I’ll do so..

    Is this a hosting issue? I’m having the same trouble – unable to view I received something from my hosting co that mentioned the virus problem that LZ mentioned. I’ve seen many pleas from people that can’t view the install.php page (get a 404 error). Help?


    Ok. I’ve now gotten a little farther. I somehow managed to more forward to a wordpress “cannot contact database” error.

    I finally got rid of my virus by contacting my webhoster.
    And my install.php is resolved.
    Unfortunately, I have no explanation about what happened…. 🙁

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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