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  • I recently upgraded to 2.6 following all the instructions on the site. Everything seems to work ok, but now it is incredibly slow to load any page from my site. I’ve seen a number of posts on the forums complaining about similar problems, but I haven’t seen any solutions. Any suggestions?

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  • I’ve seen a few other posts about 2.6 being slow, but no solutions.


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    I found it to be an incredible speedup over 2.3, in point of fact.

    However, there’s no way to tell you why it’s slow. Not enough information to go on.

    Work with a stock installation. No plugins, default theme. Still slow for you?

    I’ll try reverting to the default theme with no plugins later (have to go to work now!). I did notice that the 2.6 upgrade had a step that said it needed to upgrade my database. I hadn’t seen this before. Could this have an effect or perhaps the version of php/mysql is running?
    I’ll come back later with the results of the stock installation. Is there any other information that would help the diagnosis?

    I had same problem… I did a check and a repair on my MySQL DB and it seemed to perk right up. Also if you have a ton of plugins especially ones that create new tables in your DB that could slow things down too. You might have a plugin that is causing your DB to perform poorly. Just some thoughts that come to mind… good luck.

    OK, I reverted to the stock theme and deactivated all my plugins. That made no difference.

    garryconn – I did a check and repair on my database, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I wonder if it’s worth a reinstall of 2.6 or is there a new version on the horizon that I should wait for?

    Thanks for your help


    Simon, it took only 2.42s to load your page which is absolutely fine and far better than my blog.

    Check out mine: it normally take about 10s.. My WP version is 2.6.1 (latest one) and its been upgraded twice.

    the same for me! I wonder! sometimes it took more than 30sec to load my index page. There’re no plugins at all.

    2.6. isn’t good version imo!

    I installed WordPress 2.6.1 for my site. The front-end seems to load just fine (not too slow, just normal). But on the back-end, sometimes it loads very slow, especially when it comes to image uploading and editing posts. I tried the browser uploader to fix the image uploading problem, but it doesn’t help much. Several times my browsers (i tried firefox and safari for the case) hangs, and I have to close and restart my browser.

    Is it totally wordpress 2.6.1 bugs or what?

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