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  • I’m sure people worked very hard designing the new Widget admin interface for WordPress 2.5 – and I really don’t like criticizing someone else’s work. But I don’t understand the thought process here.

    A perfectly functional (and very simple) interface was completely abandoned in favor of a very busy, very dysfunctional interface.

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  • hey.. i agree. hope WordPress can come out with either a fix or an option to go back to the old admin interface.
    that was nice, 2.3.3
    rss widget doesnt show the entire area, so I can’t remove it or edit it.

    many items do not work with firefox

    I also agree. It’s horrible.

    hey.. I think I figured out a decent solution for me.. since my blog is really minor..
    most everything started working acceptable with a 2.5 ready theme..
    I used:
    you can see one of the new themes Barthelme here:

    good luck.

    I dont like it either..

    Cool and all, but, ummmm how do i remove items from the sidebar? I can find edit and add, but dragging it back over to the “list” doesnt work either…and now my web guru tells me basically that i’m retarded for not being able to figure it out…

    other than the messy widget page, i do like the new interface somewhat…so far.

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    Annoying, isn’t it? I hate the new widget interface design. It’s just awful.

    To remove a widget from the sidebar, edit that widget, then click the Remove link at the bottom.

    When you remove a text widget, you lost (am I right ?) the whole content of the widget forever… With 2.3 interface, the “offlive widget” was preserved.
    And I didn’t find how to move a widget from a sidebar to another : With 2.3 interface, it was just a drag and drop…
    I have a text widget without any “Edit button” : I can’t edit nor remove this widget !….. BUG ?



    kr8tr said it very well:

    A perfectly functional (and very simple) interface was completely abandoned in favor of a very busy, very dysfunctional interface.

    Measuring by the number of complaints, this is one of the changes that definitely should be reconsidered.

    Otherwise I am quite content, by the way. The overall interface has become a lot neater.

    Totally took me a minute to see the “remove” at the bottom, but the whole “view sidebar 1” “view sidebar 2” is a total P.I.T.A!

    first you have to add the TEXT(which is 1, 2, 3, 4???) and then you can change it and click change, but then you flip to the other sidebar and WHOOPS, you didnt click SAVE Oooooh nooooooo… Start over, wait Copy/paste my HTML? Where’s my CODE? Ohhhh nooooo not again…

    I think my site’s looking great but seriously – the widget should be put back to the drag and drop of yesteryear…


    I tested the 2.5 version in a live site, and because thinks like this one, I downgraded to 2.3.3 again. I’tys because things like that:

    – The widget admin was really easiest in 2.3.3
    – Lots of admin plugins stoped working with the new panel.

    Changes done on the admin side, made to me more dificult to post and to admin my site. Surely beacuse I use some plugins to manage my posts and to get content from Youtube, Dailymotion, Picasa and to publish my podcast. Most of them does not integrate well with the new admin.

    I think 2.5 is a major upgrade and we must have a test environment if we use some admin plugins.

    I really like the new 2.5, but I have to also agree with the others. The new widget interface is a total mess compared to the previous version, especially if you have more than 1 sidebar. It’s a major pain to do something as simple as moving a widget from one sidebar to another. I really would like to see the old Drag&Drop come back.

    I have two sidebars and now can’t edit my text boxes as they are too wide…

    I have two side bars and side bar1 won’t display my widgets.Like I said before if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Get the message.

    I agree – the new widget interface is just plain bad.

    – loses your text code if you remove the widget from the sidebar.
    – problems with flash code in a widget displaying properly
    – No way to move a widget from one sidebar to another

    All in all I’m impressed by 2.5, but this is a miss.

    I updated my site to WordPress 2.5 expecting to find some kind of text widget, but don’t see one in the default interface. So I download a few plugins, activate them, and they show up under “Show all widgets” but clicking the link “Add” merely changes that word to a link named “Edit” (and clicking the link “Edit” does NOTHING).

    This is the behavior on Firefox. Attempting this on IE causes it to crash every time. Safari runs as Firefox does.

    Finally my roommate selected in the drop-down menu “Show unused widgets” and it revealed that somehow I had added a widget to the current widgets on that screen, and that I had somehow added a widget to the current widgets on that screen. Unfortunately, NEITHER of those widgets managed to yield anything to my published website after I filled in the blanks and clicked save.

    The website is and I am joining the angry mob. Seriously! Don’t release a completely bug-ridden widget interface, because people’s websites are now seriously mucked up. Documentation is meager, there are deadlinks or nothing in the codex. Sigh.

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