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    I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Everything worked ok, but my comment counts all say zero even for posts with comments on them. The comments display all right, and if a new comment is left, the comment count on that post is corrected. The problem is that it’s not feasible to go through and leave “test” comments on 1,128 posts in order to correct the comment counts.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


    (Yes, I did do a search on this topic prior to posting this here. Others have had similar problems, but not quite the same. Also, none of the other posts involved WordPress 2.5.)

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  • I’ve been thinking about this a bit more.

    I’m wondering if there are any MySQL gurus out there who would know if the comments count can be corrected through a SQL query of something.

    If so, what would the command be and how would I enter it? I access my WP database using phpMyAdmin Forgive me for being such a newb here, but I don’t know much about SQL.

    As I said before, the comments are all still there. If a new comment is left on post, the comment count is updated correctly. It just shows zero until that happens. In browsing my WP database, I noticed the wp_posts table has a comment_count field. Currently it has the value of 0 for all the posts (except those which have received comments after the WP 2.5 upgrade).

    Thanks in advance for your help. It’s really appreciated.

    I’m closing this thread and opening one with a more descriptive title since I believe this problem can be fixed via MySQL.

    There’s SQL code to fix this posted at – be sure to backup your database just in case.

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