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  • After doing this upgrade images that previously were on my blog in the side bar and for my template are now not showing on the blog. They still exist where they were located previously but do not show for some reason.

    Am I right in thinking that if I am the only person authorised to post on my blog then I don’t need this upgrade?

    “a specially crafted request would allow any valid user to edit posts of any other user on that blog”

    My site is at





    thats completely useless information, given that we do not what version you upgraded from.

    To everyone:

    The changes from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3. were miniscule

    1. there was one one number changed inside version.php,

    2. there was one line having to do with mail added inside pluggable.php

    3. there was one path adjustment made inside install-helper.php, that only impacts installs and locating wp-config.php

    4. there was one change to one line inside gettext.php that fixes a bug with byteordering.

    5. Lots was changed inside xmlrpc.php, that addresses remote posting and permissions.

    In other words, NOTHING in those 5 files ought to be breaking your blog, if this is just an upgrade form 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 (which it ought to have been if youre a responsible web master) — it just wasnt that complicated of a change. 😐

    This is such a pathetically simple upgrade…

    If youre having trouble, then it *might* be easier to figure out whats going on if you actually provided the version number you upgraded from. And maybe even easier, if you actually started your own thread, so people could adresss one problem at a time in one thread at a time. (thats JUST a suggestion).





    No, you are not. Do you allow registrations? Anyone that registers is valid.

    I looked, you dont allow registrations, so no, youre not necessarily baiting an exploit if you left things as is, but really whats the big deal?

    What IF you want to allow registrations later? its 5 files. 🙁

    whooami…it may be completely useless but that’s exactly what happened. The image for template and an image in the sidebar no longer show but are still present in the template and in the widget. Nothing was changed/modified/etc with the exception of doing the upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3.

    Which is why I came here and posted…It did not make sense. My test site with the same template/image is working properly and it has not been upgraded to the 2.3.3 it is still 2.3.1. – test site – real site




    read what I said — I said its useless because you didnt initially indicate what you version you were using prewiously. Im not interested in getting into a p*ssing match, but you must realize that there are 1000’s of ppl upgrading their installs, and without knowing where you started, what you say after, is meaningless.

    NOW that we know you started with 2.3.2 .. so now its something that can be looked at.


    After installing 2.3.3 the text in my header image disappeared. It used to say the name of the blog, but now it is blank. How do I fix this?

    whooami – I was admitting what I provided was probably useless. Expecting you to be a mind reader is not realistic. But thank you in advance for any assistance/information/advice you can provide.

    Thanks whooami for your answer and for your zip file of just the 5 changed files. 🙂

    I am getting sick and tired for having to upload a new version so often. Can’t you people get it right? Or at least invent a tool to make the upgrades less painful. And another note since I’m venting: WordPress is great as blog software but it is not good forum software.

    WordPress isn’t forum software. Nor is it meant to be.

    ideator: I don’t think using a FTP client to upload (overwrite) 5 files is “painful”.

    404 NOT FOUND Error

    How Do I fix this?
    I upgraded from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 and all my stuff seems gone. Backed up database and retrieved it successfully but can’t access my blog or wp-admin dashboard. Received this message:

    Warning: main(/home/videvcom/public_html/vlog/wp-includes/compat.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/videvcom/public_html/vlog/wp-settings.php on line 117

    Warning: main(/home/videvcom/public_html/vlog/wp-includes/compat.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/videvcom/public_html/vlog/wp-settings.php on line 117

    Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/videvcom/public_html/vlog/wp-includes/compat.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/videvcom/public_html/vlog/wp-settings.php on line 117

    Just my two cents for what it’s worth:

    If the choice is between less frequent upgrades and waiting longer for the slight tweaks and improvements on the one hand and more frequent upgrades and having each slight tweak available the minute it’s ready on the other hand, I opt for the former.

    Some folks may not find it a pain to upgrade, but I do, and ignoring the upgrade means putting up with those messages all over the place alerting everyone to the new upgrade.

    This latest upgrade (2.3.3) doesn’t even let us know what the upgrade is for. For all we know, the upgrade does nothing more than fix a bug that allows the possibility someone might see draft versions of posts. I, for one, wouldn’t even care about that, as even my drafts are profound.

    Just kidding, of course, but, perhaps it would be possible to allow us to turn off the notices of the new upgrades, at least?

    In any case, WordPress is not only awesome, it’s free, so please take this only as a friendly suggestion, and thanks for a great product and all y’all’s hard work.


    Not sure whether this is related to the upgrade but that’s the only thing that’s changed on my blog.

    After I upgraded my blog started to load painfully slow – to the point where you think it will time out -…just sits there not making it to the main page.

    I disabled all plugins, changed to default theme – nothing. I’m tailing the logs for that domain – also nothing weird. At first I thought it was the cronjob I setup to wget the wp-mail.php file however that’s been turned off and all processes belonging to it that were still lingering around have also been killed.

    It’s definitely not the server, since I have 10 other sites on it with blogs and they’re all loading fine. Only difference to the other sites is: they’re not updated yet. I guess I can upgrade another one and see if that also causes the blog to load slow and come back with my results.

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