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  • 2 Days ago one of the wordpress blogs I’m hosting started running very slowly, with most pages taking around 40 seconds to load. I have another wordpress blog on the same server that’s an older version but loads instantly.

    I’ve tried removing all plugins, and reinstalling wordpress and changing themes but no luck. I suicided the blog, and the still am experiencing 40 seconds load times on all pages.

    I’ve been poking around the forum; however, I haven’t seen anything there that I haven’t already tried.

    I installed wp-dbmanager and tried a database optimization and repair also with no luck.

    The server is ubuntu linux with plenty of ram, and there is nothing interesting in the server logs.

    I added the footer code to show database queries and load time. its hard to see but it’s there.

    The site is if any of you have any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • anyone?




    meh, that 40 seconds is crap — it loaded quite quickly for me. It certainly was NOT 40 seconds

    queries:23 | seconds:40.358

    that doesnt even change between browsers.

    the permalinks ARE slower though — dunno.

    your post even shows it was 40 seconds. I enabled caching and it loads very quickly if you’ve been to the page before. Having multiple people test on IE Safari and Firefox they all report very slow load times




    your post even shows it was 40 seconds.

    I realize that — the caching thing explains why the # doesnt change when you reload OR view it in another browser

    ie AND firefox saw exactly the same times. down to millisecond

    so your web site is working or not ? because i have the same problem, admin and all pages are loading VERY SLOW, almost time out. my blog at !

    Garcya: Are you using the aLinks plugin on your blog? I’m using it and when I deactivated only this particular plugin, both my blog and my admin area got back to normal speed. (I’m using WP 2.2.1)

    If aLink is causing this, it’s really sad, because it’s a great plugin…

    Garcya, if you’re going to use a theme someone else designed (your theme is very plainly redoable by DJR) you need to make sure you rename it at least when you remove the branding.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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