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WordPress 2.2.1

  • Here I would like to address the plugin section.

    The feature “Deactivate all plugins” is there, but “Activate all plugins” is missing.

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  • I can think of reasons for deactivating all plugins but why would you want to activate all plugins at once?

    Agreed. That’s just asking for trouble. In addition, some plugins have a setup routein that they have to run through to work. It’s not just a simple switch.




    hmm.. so you mean I cannot simultaneously run 35 sql queries from all those all those plugin installs at the same time ???

    aww dayum.

    You can run them. Having them work would probably be another question.

    I;ve been thinking about the poster’s question though. Sound slike that they used to have this function. maybe I’m misunderstanding something here.

    Please don’t take it other way, the place where it’s going to help & I’ve pointed out for, is during WordPress Software upgradation.

    At this moment all plugins are installed and configured and no further config is required for the installed plugins.

    Before upgradation process, we can now de-activate plugins using “Deactivate all plugins” features.

    And once the upgradation process is finished, it’s a long process activating plugins individually. Just imagine, if you have 20+ plugins. In this scenario, “Activate all plugins” will be quite handy.




    Just imagine, if you have 20+ plugins.

    I just timed it .. it took me less that one minute to click activate 20 times.

    In other words, its not a long process, and the risks (even imagined ones) outweigh the benefit, in my opin.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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