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WordPress 2.2 wp_title() problem?

  • After upgrade to wordpress 2.2. My single post page’s title and static page title are gone. However, the home page with blog name and blog description in the tilte is there; and the category page’s title with category name are fine.

    Do any of you have the same problem?

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  • whooami



    where is your wordpress blog? the url in your profile goes to a domain thats for sale.

    Here is my blog, http://readtheweb.info. The wp_title() function seems have no affect.




    this only happened after you upgraded to 2.2?

    what happens if you switch to the default theme?

    Hi, I have a development version set up on my localhost. On my live site, it only happened after I upgraded to 2.2. However, on my localhost, I did a fresh install of wordpress 2.2. And it is the same problem.

    I just tried switch to the default theme on my localhost, the problem is still exist.




    If you are seeing it on the default theme — then you need to look at what plugins you have installed.

    I say that because a vanilla install of WP2.2 with NO plugins running that might screw something up displays single page titles flawlessly.


    Additionally, that theme on your link is using some plugin called Optimal Title >> http://elasticdog.com/2004/09/optimal-title/

    I notice that is wrapped so that w/o the plugin it displays the normal title.. but ..

    Run through your plugins, disable them one at a time — check to see if the issue has been resolved after each plugin has been disabled.

    Post back if you need further help, and good luck!

    Hi, thank you for your replying.

    On my live site, readtheweb.info, I only activated one plugin, that is the Language Switcher plugin.

    After I disable the plugin, that is, no plugin enabled on my installation, the titles on the single post page and static page are still didn’t show up.

    And yes, I have tried different themes, the two default themes comes with WordPress, and the theme I use right now. And on my live blog, I didn’t install the optimal-title plugin.

    If you need some information for helping your ID the problem, what else could I give you?

    Before upgrading, everything is fine. Remeber, I did fresh install on my home PC, not upgrading, but it is the same.

    Ok. I think I have found what cause the problem. Well, at least I found 50% of the reason 🙂 .

    I have just did another fresh install of the WordPress 2.2 on my local PC. After installed, everything is fine! But just after I installed the Language Switcher Plugin, The problem comes to alive. However, the strange thing is that, even I go to deactivated the Language Switcher Plugin, the problem won’t go away!

    This is why I think I may get the 50% reason. The Language Switcher activated the problem, but after that problem comes to live, it won’t go away even I disable the Language Switcher plugin. So I think it might have something to do with the WordPress core files too.

    The latest Language Switcher plugin installed on WordPress 2.2, just have modify 3 files, and one of them is the upgrade-schema.php, this to ensure the category name in the database cat_name has enough space; it increased to 255 characters wide. I have changed that use phpmyadmin, so I think actually there just two WordPress core files changed.

    I will contact the Language Switcher plugin author. But I just think I may want to post this information here too!




    good deal! 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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