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  • I wasn’t able to find any mention of this, surprisingly. What I’m seeing is that when I try to embed a form into a post, WordPress keeps moving the ending form tag to the wrong spot.

    You can see where it’s putting it on the post page:

    I’ve tried moving it to the right spot, but as soon as I save it’s back in the wrong spot. The Text Control plugin didn’t help. I have the visual editor turned off, and am editing HTML directly.

    Is this a 2.2 issue, or something I’m doing wrong?

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  • whooami



    I see where it is, and cant tell that it’s in the wrong place.

    In fact, its immediately beneath a paragraph that references it.

    Im afraid you’ll need to be a little more specific about where you are putting it?

    <sigh> Tried one last thing before going to bed, and it fixed the problem. But I’m still not sure why.

    The fix was to move the starting and ending form tags outside of the table. After that WordPress no longer felt the need to move the ending form tag.


    Thanks for the reply. As I just posted before seeing yours, I managed to fix the problem.

    The symptom was that I had a form with a couple input fields and a submission button, but the ending form tag was being moved to before the submission button. So clicking Submit didn’t.

    There was some interaction going on with the table, but I have no idea why.




    when I need to include a form i do this:

    i use this plugin:

    and turn off formatting. I dont worry about the second option , character encoding.

    I dont use the rich text editor.

    I then add my post, and do my HTML tags manually.

    As long as I dont screw up and miss a closing tag, WP has no trouble.

    All my plugin posts that contain the donation link are done the same way, without issue. Hell, I even put the form inside it’s own div.

    I did try the Text Control plugin before posting, but without any change in behavior. There’s something with the table and form interaction.

    These particular forms were copied from autoresponder sites as examples, so used tables as part of the formatting.




    well you said you moved the form tags outside the table tags 🙂

    thats the first clue, since nesting a form inside a table requires some extra mojo, and therefore the preferred way is to put the form outside the table.

    See this for more info if you are curious:

    I doubt wordpress “moved” the code, instead what you saw was a result of having multiple xhtml validation errors on your site being aggravated by an improperly formatted form.

    As long as you got it working ..

    happy blogging!

    Thanks for the link! That does match what I was seeing, the form being constrained to a single table cell.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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