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  • Wednesday, 2/28 — blog running fine
    Thursday, 3/1 — blog no longer online, getting Internal Server Error
    Friday, 3/2 — contact Dreamhost (my host), and they suggest I upgrade to the new 2.1.2 and I do just that. According to WordPress everything updated just fine. Still get either a “Timed Out” or “Internal Server Error 500” so the upgrade — while according to WP is good — still has not solved this issue.

    Now, to make it even more confusing, the episodes are still available on iTunes, and I can access my Dashboard. This is my first major issue with WP. Any help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • I would try it again. Make sure you delete everything (after backing up, of course) from the server – that is, use the file manager utility (or whatever Dreamhost supplies) rather than uploading and overwriting. Once you are sure the directory on the server is bare naked, then upload.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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