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  • Hi All,
    It is a documented “issue” that wordpress doesn’t, by default, create thumbnails for images over 3 megapixels in size. Using past versions of WordPress, one could edit the inline-uploading.php file. This, however, has changed in WordPress 2.1 and I couldn’t find any details on the WordPress forum showing how to change this setting in WordPress 2.1.

    After a big of digging, I found the option in the admin-functions.php file.

    I have posted a step by step guide, on my blog, to removing this limit. Check it out at

    Hope this helps,

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  • hmm.. i thought your instructions was on how to create a larger thumbnail than the standard one. But this only forces WP to create thumbs.

    After a bit of searching, I followed this
    to make a bigger size default thumbnail.


    Nick, thanks so much for that thumbnail hack. ‘Tis a common problem when teaching new bloggers, ie, that they have to resize their photos before uploading.

    No problem griffinjay, I’m glad it helped.

    Cheers, Nick

    Hi there.

    I tried this fix, and it did not seem to work. I believe I got the change right, since as documented by nickste, it seems incredibly simple: change a 3 to a 9. But I still don’t get any thumbnails.

    First question: what am I expecting to see? Am I expecting to see an option that says “create thumbnail” that I can select PRIOR to uploading. Or am I expecting to see a little menu like in wordpress 1.5 AFTER I do the upload?


    Thanks for sharing that fix Nick, unfortunately it didn’t fix the problem, but it did point me to the right place in the code.

    Some of my images were generating thumbnails and some weren’t. I ran through the thumbnail generator and found it was just dieing when it tried to load the original images, so I checked my servers configuration and found the PHP memory limit was default. I increased that and now all of my images get thumbnails.

    So, if anyone’s stuck with a semi-working thumbnail system (either the default one or a plugin), it may be worth checking the memory limit in your configuration file (memory_limit in php.ini).

    Hope this helps


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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