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  • One of my blogs uses Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin for password protection. As of now, it is not listed as a plugin compatible with WordPress 2.1.

    I don’t want to upgrade and try it out, because I really don’t want those pages just sitting exposed, in the case it doesn’t work.

    Has anyone else tried this specific plugin with WP 2.1? If not, can anyone recommend something that does something similar? All it does link people to a login page when they first come to the blog. Only those with a valid username and password are allowed to see anything.

    Thanks a lot,


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  • I have just updated to WP 2.1 on my password protected blog. I had no problem whatsoever using the plugin.



    Thanks a lot.

    Angsuman’s site seems to be down… Anybody know where else to get the plug-in?

    I’m also looking for a way to download this plugin — Angsuman’s site is still unavailable.

    And i am as well. I wonder if anyone has a copy of it they can post? I am sure someone has to have a copy of the plugin….

    I am using it and it works well – except that I am no longer able to use a RSS-Reader to watch its articles and comments.

    Is there an alternative way of reducing the number of readers /writers to those few I want to have as user BUT at the same time allow them to follow the blog with an RSS-Reader?

    Thanks for any help!



    I am looking for a copy too! Need it bad!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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