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    Hello people

    I downloaded the newest version of Opera and Im really happy with it. However, I was wondering, that there are a lot of troubles when I went to my WordPress admin console.

    Just as n example:
    On the “Create a Article” page – I want to write an article and the field with the WYSEWYG Editor is not clickable. Basically, I cant write anything into it. When I resize the field by dragging it from the bottom right corner to an other spot, it automatically resizes to a very short width and after releasing, I cant drag or resize it anymore.

    And so on….

    Well – I thought my wordpress version is fairly old but installing a new one is going to be pain because Im using a older mySQL version on my server too – so – before trying that –

    has anyone an idea how to resolve quickly that program in opera?


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  • The newer (supported and SECURE) 2.5x versions of WordPress include an updated editor (TinyMCE) that offers much better Opera support. Still not perfect, but at least now the issues are much more difficult to reproduce and log as bugs 😉

    While you think it may be a pain to upgrade, think of the pain of trying to recover from the (almost inevitable) hack of using an older insecure version of WordPress!


    well that means basically that an update is the solution.
    I planned to do it – just not now.

    However, I got that idea:
    A wordpress backend interface without major functionality (lets say a demo version) as menu point under the wordpress website.

    That would be a handy cool idea
    1. To see how it works on different browsers
    2. For potential customers to get a look into it before download and installing

    Just an idea


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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