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  • Hi,

    I have recently downloaded “wordpress-2.0.2.tar.gz” and “” to have the cache.

    I have followed all the instructions provided by wp-cache to install it.

    but once I activated wp-cache from wp-admin/plugins. The only this I got was a blank page. I tried to load the pages but, every page on my blog are blank.

    I there any bug in “wordpress-2.0.2.tar.gz” and/or “”?

    Or I am doing some thing wrong?

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  • Same here. Is wp-cache 2 unavailable in WordPress 2.02?

    you have to edit the wp-cache-phase2.php. Search for “ob_end_clean()” and replace it with “ob_end_flush()”.

    Best regards,


    Hi there-

    I’ve seen the blank page problem intermittently with the WP and WP-Cache versions outlined above. Mostly it only happened when users attempted to post a comment, and then could be fixed if users changed the names entered in the comment field. However … today the problem seems to have spread to the main page of the site! I have tried de-installing WP-Cache and replacing it with Statiscize Reloaded, with identical results. I made the change outline above in this thread, and still get the blank pages … but the user can get the page by reloading, now. Still not acceptable, obviously. My ISP *requires* me to use caching because of the high traffic to my site and the burden it puts on PHP. HELP!


    Do you have gzip compression turned on in options -> reading? Be sure to disable it.

    Have you tried going to options -> wp-cache and clearing cache and then resetting to defaults?

    I don’t have gzip compression turned on. Clearing the cache doesn’t seem to help, but I haven’t gone back to the default settings yet; I guess I’ll try that.

    Also, I realize now that the above fix (ob_end_clean() to ob_end_flush()) is just for PHP 5, yes? My host only uses PHP 4.something.


    If you haven’t yet: Delete everything in wp-content/cache. Try again…

    arnee, that solution seems to have worked for me, thanks. i wonder why this wasn’t included in the original code?

    Arnee’s fix worked for me. My install is WordPress 2.0.5 and wp-cache 2.0.17.
    The problem is apparently inherent with using PHP5

    For those on a Dreamhost server, the vanilla Dreamhost installation will come with this problem automatically. The one-click easy install defaults to php5, and anyone who clicks through it and wants to use the wp-cache plugin which comes with the default installation will need to make this config change.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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