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  • According to the big list of plugins that are compatible, Email Notification Plugin v2.3.1 is compatible with WordPress 2.0.1; however, I just upgraded to that verision of the plugin and now the Write a Post page is messed up. The right-side menu appears with everything open and no way to closed the option. The page just stops loading below the publish button. It’s this way on the write a page page too.

    Anyone have this issue and resolved it?

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  • OK I’ve figured it out. The problem comes in that I have 3 blogs running on the one MySQL db and each blog has it’s own tags for the email_list tables. Apparently the upgrade only upgrades it if your table is named wp_email_list specifically.

    I think I’ll wander over and ask that consideration for that be put in a future version.

    I am a newbie to WordPress. I downloaded WP 2.0.1 and have that ubiquitous email notification problem. I surfed and found a plugin for this functionality. I downloaded email notification Version: 2.3.1. I am running WP on local host with Xampp lite. I want that email notification should work ?
    please tell/suggest me if anyone has tried this before and is up and running.


    I’ve had to hack this plugin because A.) I use 3 blogs on 1 MySQL DB each with it’s own db tag and B.) it was marking all posts as future posts and then only sending when it got saved again.

    I reported it, but never heard from the plugin writer. It is not compatible with WordPress 2.0 in my opinion as I only had problems once I upgraded both.

    Hi nmallory,

    I found out another plugin wp-phpMailer. It installs fine but when I make it as default rather than sendmail function in php. Please look at this plugin

    I get errors.

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. in >\wp-content\plugins\wp-phpmailer\class.smtp.php on line 105

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Unknown error) in >\wp-content\plugins\wp-phpmailer\class.smtp.php on line 105

    Please give any suggestion that might help ???


    I just installed word press 2.0.2. It seem to be working o.k. Then I installed email-notification plugin. It is notifying new posts to the subscriber address through email(which is of course my address during the test)also alright.

    However the major hurdle I am facing is after geting into ‘Manage’ page and then ’email-notification’ tab, there are 5 hyper links that are supposed to open into their respective target pages. they are not opening.

    I noticed that /wp-content/plugins/wp-emailnotification/index.php is including these 5 target files. To my reasoning path refarencing should not be an issue here since the ‘index.php’ file is including these files from within the same directory and i need not make any adjustment. This is my first attempt at adjusting configurations and installing an application and am also new to php.

    I am unable to figure out where I am going wrong. can someone help me? My files are in a separate directory under doc_root.

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