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  • You guys are awesome! As a designer? I expected some, and that’s ok.
    I think of all the time and work put into this and like to check them out. I actually have switched from Movable Type to WordPress a couple days ago, and report on my site that it is one of the best CMS available. The new photo thumbnail option puts it over the top in my books.
    Have a learning curve now, but it’s coming, site is shaping up. Will try your fix, ain’t complainin atall

    You mean:
    <?php _e('Categories:'); ?>
    or just under that is:
    <?php wp_list_cats(); ?>

    lol, I replaced the whole thing with what u said and it works great.
    Thanks a bunch

    It’s nice to see another switcher. 🙂
    And in general, many of our forum users are willing to help whenever they can. 🙂
    I happened to find that answer on my own this morning, after installing a nightly to a fresh location, for testing purposes.
    Though it doesn’t use Nice URIs like I like it to, it will at least tide me over until they release a fix in another nightly. 😀
    Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your flight on WordPress Airlines, and come fly with us again in the future. ;P

    -Ahaha, I was thinking of the old categories tag – they just recently introduced this _e(‘blaaaah!’), and I haven’t memorized it yet. As a result, my old templates use the tag I mentioned looking for.
    Complete and total reflex. 😛

    Flyin through a bit of a storm with switching to WP and php, but is leveling out a little now. Have to get the php tutorial goin…Wanting styleswitcher added a lot of work doing 3 sheets simultaneously, lol, but only me to blame there.
    Nice program 🙂

    Anyone have a fix for this other than a drop down? It’s ok for now, but…:-)

    the 4-27 nightly apparently fixes categories again. Let’s just see what it’s broken instead. 😀

    You guys are waaaaaay too much! Downloaded and installed latest build 4-28.
    Categories came home!! lol
    You guys fixed that fast.
    Do you fix trucks?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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