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  • I upgraded to WP 2.0 yesterday and all went well. Today I realized there’s a problem when Gallery2 is installed on the same host.

    If I click a post subject or More link, I get redirected to a Gallery2 error page. See below:

    Error (ERROR_MISSING_OBJECT) : Parent 7 path 2006

    * in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryFileSystemEntityHelper_simple.class at line 118 (gallerystatus::error)
    * in modules/core/classes/GalleryCoreApi.class at line 1762 (galleryfilesystementityhelper_simple::fetchchildidbypathcomponent)
    * in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryFileSystemEntityHelper_simple.class at line 63 (gallerycoreapi::fetchchildidbypathcomponent)
    * in modules/core/classes/GalleryCoreApi.class at line 1708 (galleryfilesystementityhelper_simple::fetchitemidbypath)
    * in modules/core/classes/GalleryView.class at line 344 (gallerycoreapi::fetchitemidbypath)
    * in modules/core/classes/GalleryView.class at line 219 (showitemview::_getitem)
    * in main.php at line 287 (showitemview::doloadtemplate)
    * in main.php at line 87
    * in modules/core/classes/GalleryEmbed.class at line 153
    * in /home/ericbrod/public_html/journal/wp-gallery2.php at line 55 (galleryembed::handlerequest)

    I’m using the WP-G2 plugin and disabled it but get a different error when linking to WP content:

    Fatal Gallery Plug-in error
    Here’s the error from Gallery2 Plug-in: Plug-in has not been Activated

    I also updated to Gallery 2.02 the other day so I’m not making this easy on myself.

    Looking at the second error message, it seems more of a WordPress issue than G2.

    Any ideas on what to do with this? I’d just as well dispense with the WP-G2 plugin but it might not matter based on the second error message.

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  • No surprise, it’s a mod_rewrite issue. I removed the rewrite info for G2 from htaccess and got WordPress working again. Gallery2 works properly as well so not sure the relevance of what I deleted.

    However, WP-G2 can’t find my images. I deactivated mod_rewrite in Gallery2 and WP-G2 works properly in WP 2.0.

    To note: WordPress 1.5 and WP-G2 worked fine.

    I’m looking forward to resolution to the mod_rewrite conflicts.

    Do your links to the posts work? I have the same problem, but deactivating mod_rewrite in the gallery module (embedded or standalone?) didn’t solve my problem:
    What’s your site’s url?

    Sorry, haven’t been here for awhile. I’ve since upgraded to Gallery2 2.1 and the WPG2 plug-in. Linking to images and embedding the G2 gallery works OK. I haven’t gotten around to mod_rewrite for G2 yet.

    I am having a similar issue. My stand alone G2 seems to work fine – however, URLs seem to be the same whether the rewrite mod is on or not.

    WPG2 is a different story. If the rewrite mod is activated in G2, then my embedded gallery shows the main g2 page (embedded) but if you click on an album on the main page, it just reloads that page. On the other hand, if you deactivate the rewrite mod on g2, then the embedded gallery works fine, if you click on an album on the main page it drills down to the sub-album or the photos.

    I checked the html code generated by the wp-gallery2.php in each case, and different a-links are being loaded depending on whether the rewrite mod is active.

    Any idea what gives?

    Hrm, I hate to start a new thread because this is related. I was getting the ERROR_MISSING_OBJECT issue and disabled mod_rewrite because of this thread. It was happening when I clicked on any link pretty much – my tabs or older posts, etc. My first page, works fine now but the other ( now only shows my gallery embedded in wordpress. I KNOW it’s something silly, it has to be if one works and the other doesn’t. Generally speaking when I change one I change the other. It seems similar to what gatoruss is seeing. Using wordpress 2.0.2 and Gallery2 2.1.1

    the problem seems to come from permalinks in wordpress. That’s where th 2006 is coming from (e.g.

    If you deactivate permalinks in wordpress OR urlrewrite in Gallery2 the problem goes away.

    Internally to G2, there are “request variables” which correspond to the url used. In this case they are ([g2_view] => core.ShowItem [g2_path] => 2006/01/01/somepost)
    Anyone have an idea how to fix this in WordPress, so that the permalink part of the url is removed from the request to Gallery2?

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