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  • Hi, I have 2 issues don’t know if their related. This is a new installation.

    When I use my bookmark going to my site (blog)that my isp first gave me (with the domain name), everything looks fine. If I click on one of my categories, when it goes to that page, it is putting the IP address for the site in the address bar where the sites domain name should be. From then on if I click around it keeps the IP address showing instead of the domain name.

    The other problem, is that after going to the site initially, when all looks well, I’ll go to other categories and it will begin cutting the blog off in the middle of the posts, and inserting an ellipse. I have compared the first page source when it looks normal to the source when it is cut off, and sure enough, there is the hex code for the ellipse, BUT IN SQUARE BRACKETS.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Well, I haven’t gotten the problem solved but I must have been seeing the behavior incorrectly earlier because now it looks like that all the category pages are rendering correctly and it’s just the front page that is getting cut off. Also, i incorrectly stated “the hex code” for the ellipse earlier. Obviously, that wasn’t correct. It was &#8230 which is the entity code for the ellipse.

    The URL problem hasn’t changed.

    I just discovered the answer to my previous confusion. If use the fNice theme, the category pages are normal but the main page is cut off.

    If I use the Wuhan theme, the main page is correct but all the category pages are cut off.

    I’m in over my head here, I can tell you that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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