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  • I’ve got a WordPress 1.5 install running at Dreamhost right now. Everything is working smoothly, except that Trackback’s are not being sent out when I post. I get no error message, just nothing ever shows up on the post I’m linking to.

    I am having no problems sending out RPC pings to such as Pingomatic. I’m also having no problems receiving trackbacks.

    I’ve searched the archives here, and everything I’ve found seem to refer to either Alpha or Beta version of 1.5 or earlier 1.2 versions. The fixes there haven’t been tried because the code that’s changed doesn’t look identical in 1.5 and I don’t know enough to debug it.

    Any ideas?

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  • Well many blog owners choose to moderate trackbacks and some choose not to display them at all. Unless you are sure that YOUR trackbacks are not going out, my guess is is that its the other blogs that are the culprit.

    I’m 100% positive my trackbacks aren’t going out because I’ve used a test blog to “receive” the trackbacks and they don’t arrive. However, it has no problem receiving trackbacks from WizBang Trackback. it’s not moderation.

    I wouldn’t post here unless I was sure my trackbacks weren’t going out.

    See this bug report and the fix:

    That did it! Thanks so much moshu! That one flaw was forcing me to look at Moveable Type for another blog site I was working on. Now I don’t need to!

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