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  1. Aurora
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I view my blogs both inside and outside my local network.

    I currently use WP 1.2 and when I started using it, I spent some time removing / symbols from the code so that my blog looked the same both inside and outside the local network. Of course, the 'Edit' links don't work inside the local network, but I'm used to that by now.

    I wanted to move to WP 1.5 in an attempt to avoid blog spam but after installing 1.5, I quickly realised I'd have to go through it just like I did with 1.2 so that it would work both inside and outside my local network. The problem is, I have so little time lately to do just that.

    My question: has anyone already adapted WP 1.5 to work inside and outside a local network? I would love to download your adapted 1.5 files if you have. Please help! :-)



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