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  • Howdy!

    I upgraded from 1.2.2 to 1.5. I saw a post that somebody else tested retrieving lost password and it didn’t work. I tried it and mine didn’t work either. I am “the host”, so mail() wasn’t disabled…as far as I know. I put a sniffer on and ran the script. It dies before the request leaves the page. I created testmail.php with a generic mail(to,subject,msg) and that registered in the sniffer, but with a misformed packet. Need help, this is a little deep for me.

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  • I found ( the discussion regarding $more in functions.php, but that change didn’t fix me. I still get the error msg

    checked a little further up the pipeline…direct access to mailhost has been denied. That was why checksums weren’t correct. Guess I will have to figure out a different way to get mail across.

    Would you believe this was caused by virus protection? THe new virus program we are using has some “added features”. One of these features just happens to “prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail”. Odd that it doesn’t know how to distinguish between virulent and non-virulent mailings. Blog back in business!!

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