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  • This hack lets you create a wiki inside your WordPress install and is authenticated (for editing) using the WordPress user list. Some of the features of this wiki include:

    • Extremely simple install
    • Protection of the information through WordPress user authentication
    • Static pages with infinite depth of linkage
    • A BUNCH of plugins which allow various customizations
    • Integration into the WordPress theme

    You can download the install from:

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  • This uses the php-based wiki titled “ErfurtWiki”. I’ve been using this and have integrated it into my WP blog setup. I conversed with ewiki’s author and came up with a way to install the wiki so that it produces cruft-free URIs.
    This is accomplished by creating a directory inside the main WP directory and storing the ewiki files in it. Don’t name it “wiki” if that is what is wanted in the URI. Then, add the following to the main WP .htaccess:

    RewriteRule ^wiki/(.*)$ ewiki/index.php?id=$1 [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^wiki$ [R=301,L]

    Note: In the first line above, “ewiki” is the name of the directory where the wiki files are located.
    I’m glad to see the integration wityh WP’s authentication scheme in the demo – will download and check into the details.

    In wikiwiki.php there is a call to get_currentuserinfo();. Where is this lcoated?

    This is from the WordPress authentication scheme. That function processes all the information for the current user.

    OK. Thanks, Liz.

    Hey, this looks great!
    Two things
    1) with the rewrite rule example, above–are the two files (wikiwiki.php &, er, the other one) within the “ewiki” directory? Or what files are you referring to? And what, in this case, is the index.php file?
    2) How do I get this ewiki to pay attention to my CSS files? I have a background image and two columns (views as three), but the wiki writes write on and over into the third column…. text stylings, etc, also bear no resemblance to the main blog.

    1) Yes, to use the rewrite rule I supplied, the wiki.php (I name mine “index.php” would be inside its own directory.
    2) The wiki.php file is nothing more than a standard WP index.php file with the calls to the ewiki-specific goodies. Look for the link tag and place a call to your own css file there.

    Aha! Thanks much. I’ve still got some things to work out (I think it must be DIV-tags, or somesuch), but I’ve the the URI & main things down.

    One minor installation problem. I got a “ewiki error: could not read from directory” when I first installed.
    I tired re-installling after chmod ing everything to 777 and still got the error. A bit of digging through the code showed that for some reason it couldn’t create the init-pages directory. I made thhe directory manually and now everything seems to be fine.

    Just identified another problem. If I am logged into my blog and try to edit a wiki page, I end up at the WordPress edit screen not the wiki editing screen.
    If I am logged out of the blog, I am presented with the WordPress login screen which then correctly takes me to the wiki page I want to edit.

    Just identified another problem. If I am logged into my blog and try to edit a wiki page, I end up at the WordPress edit screen not the wiki editing screen.

    Now fixed the problem, which was something to do with my setup. In case anyone has the same thing links starting with http://mydomain were redirecting me to WordPres instead of the wiki. However, links starting http://www.mydomain worked correctly.
    I am not sure exactly this was happening, as they both point to the same place. I fixed it by only allowing the www form of the url in Apache.

    Having a problem with “decrufted” URLS…
    In my WP directory .htaccess I have the following:
    RewriteRule ^wiki/(.*)$ wikiwiki.php?id=$1 [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^wiki$ http://mydomain/blog/wiki/ [L]
    In the PHP script that calls ewiki I have the following:
    define("EWIKI_SCRIPT", "");
    Which works fine for browsing, e.g. a URL of /blog/wiki/HomePage but when I try to edit – the first call to edit works:
    but when I hit save I get a URL of
    /blog/wiki/edit/edit/Homepage and each subsequent operation tries to append another /edit i.e. /blog/wiki/edit/edit/HomePage and so on…
    Any ideas please??

    slight transcoding error in the .htaccess above – second rule should read
    RewriteRule ^wiki$ http://mydomain/blog/wiki/ [L]

    still wrong! extra <a being added by this support board, but I think the intention is clear!


    At first, sorry for my bad englisch, i will lern it in the future 😉

    i´ve installed the wiki plugin in my weblog. it´s a really good plugin. but when i make the plugin searchengine friendly with mod rewrite i´ve got a security problem.

    everyone can change and add pages on my wiki. thats bad ;(

    has anyone an idea what can i do, to make the plugin save by using mod rewrite?

    thanks a lot


    i did it 😉
    it´s only one modification in the wikiwiki.php.

    search for this:
    if (preg_match (“/page=edit/i”, $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’]))

    and change it to this:
    if (preg_match (“/edit/i”, $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’]))


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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