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  • This might be a stupid questions, but currently have WordPress 2.2 installed on my site, but I need the functionality of WordPress MU.

    I’m not really keen on the possiblity that my current theme won’t work with MU so here’s my question. Is it possible to run both versions (WordPress 2.2 & WordPress MU) on the same server.

    The focus is that I want to use WordPress 2.2 as my Music news blog and seperate posts by categories (Band Names.) so that I can plug each categories feed into my main site with the individual news for each band on their respective artists pages. But I also want a compiled RSS feed of all the news on the entire site to feed out to publishers.

    The reason I would like to set up WordPress MU is to allow each band to have their own individual blogs, and plug that blog page into an frame on their own individual Artists pages on our site.

    Question 1) Can I run the two version in tandem on the same server – WordPress as a news blog for the entire site, and WordPress MU for individual artists’ blogs?
    Question 2) Is my assumption that I would have to setup and entirely new database for MU when I set it up correct?

    And last but not least –

    Question 3) Is it even possible to plug wordpress into a scrollable Iframe in the layout of another page?

    Thanks a million!

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  • Cal


    1) I don’t see why not…..I would just set them up to use separate databases and everything.

    2) Yes, would make the most sense. You may be able to share the database with regular wp install, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

    3) I’m not sure. Probably find better answers doing a google search for iframes or similar.

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