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  • Why isn’t there better intergration between a wordpress blog and an invision power forum? Dont they both use MySQL databases? Cant you use wordpress to get info from the forum? I really need to find a way to get these features and been searching with no good results at all. I dont know who I talk to buy I am willing to donate money in the pool to get plugins that give you intergration with a forum (preferrebly Invision first since thats what Im using)

    Site Reference :

    First look at my site, there is a button at the top that has Forum and yes you click it and goes to the forum and I made the skins look the same so it doesn’t really look like you are jumping to something totally different, but still you are. They should talk to each other (wordpress & invision).

    These are a few quick features I think we should get in a plugin for compatibility between the two :

    1. Register Users (you should be able to register for the forum and the blog all in the same FORM, make it so when you register for the forum, the blog also takes those users lists and adds it to the blog section as well.

    2. Latest Posts, Top Posts, Poll (you should have something you can put in the sidebar that shows you the latest # posts or the top # posts as well as allowing a certain poll from the forum to show up on the sidebar as well.

    3. Blog Entries in forum (When you make a post on your blog, maybe have some way of telling the members that spend most of their time on the forum that a new blog entry was posted up. If anything, even a section in the forum that posts the same blog entry into the forum as well. I do this already but it gets tedious when I gotta post the same thing twice. Its all about ease of use!)

    Anybody has other ideas? I know there are lots of you out there with a wordpress blog as well as an invision forum right?

    THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! Let me know

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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