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  • Wrong section dude 🙂

    Regards, MaxT

    ok, homer, what section, then? best. 🙂




    thats your site, yes? it certainly looks like its wp driven, cant tell though for sure (no button, no linkback, nothing in header) — if so, it would seem to me this is actually the right place.

    if all of the above are correct, its an OK site.

    No css cedits for either the original theme author of the mInima theme, or any credits for the conversion that Theron did as Minima Plus, the theme that you are currently using.


    jinsan, you’re right. will update. thanks. whoami, yes, its WP 1.5.

    WordPress has pretty permalinks. I did not see an example of that at Drupal. Everything else about Drupal looks ok.

    @ leofish : Reading your post’s subject I concluded that you wanted comments on your review, not your site. Therefor the right section for this post with the subject you’ve supplied would be this one:

    Regards, MaxT

    Max needs to relax. He made a mistake next time he’ll post it in the right section. Go get some Zanex and relax Max.

    i don’t care where the comments are Max. I wrote a review on my blog and posted a link to my review on this forum (it could have been misc as well), simple as that. I take comments on the blog or follow them here. I am just sharing my experiences with my personal assesement of the two systems. I agree with metabold…just chill and have one (or more) of those fine german beers you have over there. see you next time….:-)

    @ metabold : read post #3 in this thread… dude asked me where to post, I’ve explained where… No harm was done, the one who needs to relax or to read the whole thread first is you. Chill dude.

    BTW, what’s with the german beer 😀 I’m far from german and far from drinking german beer…

    Regards, MaxT

    Sorry, Denmark…..aquavit and herring….let’s put this to rest………cheers

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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