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  • I’m having an issue where posts are not getting picked up by Mailchimp in time to be sent in an RSS-driven campaign each morning. I spoke with Mailchimp and they weren’t able to identify the problem; the temporary solution was to move the post from publishing at midnight the day of the RSS campaign, to the night before at 10pm.

    This had worked for a couple weeks, but last night the feed did not publish in time. Mailchimp checked for new feeds at midnight and the post that was scheduled at 10pm the night before now has a pubDate and lastBuildDate of today at 4AM. Not sure where the delay is?

    I’ve updated functions.php today with the following code, in hopes that it’s an RSS caching issue and the 12hr timeframe that is default to WordPress is the issue.

    // Change RSS Feed Refresh Interval from default (12 hrs - 43200 sec) to 1 hr (3600 sec)
    function my_rss_widget_refresh_interval( $seconds ) {
        return 3600;
    add_filter( 'wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime', 'my_rss_widget_refresh_interval' );

    I’m going to watch to see if this helps, but I’m still at a loss for why my pubDate would be different than the actual post publish date. Anyone have a suggestion?

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    First, you have to identify where the problem actually is. I suspect Mailchimp, because WordPress’s feed is dynamically generated. You don’t “publish to the feed,” once a post is published it’s already there.

    Assuming you’re referring to your feed is

    Once you publish your next post, check that feed immediately to see if the post is there.

    If you don’t want to squint at the code, feel free to use

    Basically, we’re starting by ruling out potential sources of the problem. If WordPress’s feed is up-to-date to-the-minute as it should be, Mailchimp is next.

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