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  • Hey All,

    I’ve recently setup a VM on our network running WAMP and WordPress 2.8, we’re running a proxy on another VM with Trend Micro InterScan Web Security 3.1, it filters all the web traffic.

    I’m having a few problems with my wordpress install, we’re intending to use it as our intranet (wordpress as a CMS with blogging functionality). The main issue is that we can’t pickup RSS feeds, even if I can access the feed directly. I keep getting errors. I also get errors when trying to use the theme or plugin browser.

    Just wondering if I need to define the proxy settings in WAMP or WordPress somewhere, I’ve been searching on the net all day and come up with nothing, I’ve already tried defining them in the snoopy include.

    Any ideas?

    Alternatively, is there a way I can add an exception in the proxy so that it doesn’t block anything on that specific VM?

    All suggestions and help appreciated.



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  • Everything I’ve tried has failed to even let the wordpress feeds come through to the dashboard.

    I just tried adding an exception to the Proxy server so that it just allows traffic from the VM IP address through.. didn’t work.

    – paul

    Also tried the cURL method.. still didn’t work..

    Any ideas?

    I need to clarify:

    1. Are you talking about feeds going outbound from your newly created intranet? Specifically, other clients inside the network getting notified of new posts?
    2. Or are you saying that the WordPress Admin Dashboard doesn’t display RSS Feeds from the outside world?
    3. And are you trying to display RSS feeds on the public side of the intranet that come from other RSS feeds outside your network?

    A temporary fix I created was to create an exception for that VM in the firewall, I really would have prefered that it went through the proxy though, I don’t like opening ports in my firewall.

    1 – We run an intranet page that collects several feeds from several news sources with information from current news, weather and most importantly commodity prices.

    2 – The wordpress dashboard and the page doesn’t display RSS feeds from the outside world.

    3 – Trying to display RSS feeds from the outside world, to the people viewing the intranet from within our own network.

    As I said, adding the exception to the firewall has temporarily fixed the issue, but I would much rather it went through the firewall..

    – paul

    umm I mean I would much rather it went through the proxy.

    Okay – that helps a great deal. Expand on number 1. How are you displaying the feeds?

    Are you converting the feeds to posts or are you using a widget or plugin to display them? If so, which widget or plugin?

    They are just being dragged in through a standard widget. The thing is, even the standard wordpress blogs and RSS feeds aren’t getting dragged into the Admin Daskboard, I can’t use the plugin browser to install new plugins.. etc.

    Well I couldn’t until I added the exception to the firewall.. working now, but as I said.. it’s a temporary and insecure fix.

    – paul

    I’m a sysadmin at heart.. if I didn’t *have* to get the users access to their computers.. I wouldn’t.. most of them are too dumb to use comptuers.. lol

    Interesting – I didn’t know this was a problem – but apparently it is. Here is a solution found on a Joomla forum. I have not tested though, as we don’t run a proxy:

    Reply To: [Resolved] W3 Validator: there is no attribute “role”

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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