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  • Hi all,

    I have customised my blog quite alot taking out things such as comments, catogieries and the author/time posted etc. You can check out what you think at: its a bit bare at the moment however im getting a banner soon for it. Anyway as you can imagine i have quite a lot of useless features in the wordpress admin control panel and I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to remove the things i dont need from the admin cp. I will provide you with all the files etc to do it and if you want you can use the customised admin cp yourself of sell it, i dont mind.

    Anyway if your interested please post here.
    If you want more information as to what you want also post it here.



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  • One option is, you could actually do it much the way you did it with your theme, just deleting the parts of the code you don’t want in the /wp-admin/ folder, php files. Of course make a back-up first and continually test any changes, to make sure you don’t accidently remove too much.

    Unfortunately I wouldn’t have the time to do it for you. I’ve only changed a few minor things in my Admin myself (such as typing instructions above the Upload section).

    Okay thanks,
    I would do it myself but I dont have much time at the moment with two part time jobs on the moment. Anyone else interested?

    Curious; What would you want to see removed?

    Okay well i’ll make a list.

    Well basically on the front page of the Dashboard I want all that stuff taken off about how to get started in wordpress as well as the WordPress Developement blog.

    In the Write Section I want Categories taken off, Post author, Post Timestamp the upload option take off and the WordPress bookmarklet taken off.

    I want the entire Write Page taken off.

    Keep manage posts.

    Take off the manage pages entirly.

    Take off the manage Categories entirly.

    Take off the manage comments entirly.

    Take off the Awating Moderation page entirly.

    Take off the Files page.

    Take off the Link page including the Manage Links page, Add Link page, Link Categories page and Import Links.

    KEEP Presentation and all its pages

    KEEP Plugin’s and all its pages

    KEEP Users and all its pages

    KEEP IMPORT and all its pages.

    And that is it.

    So is anyone interested?

    Probably not – or those who might want to do it for a fee, are not allowed to post here. You have to leave a contact address in case you want paid services.

    Just out of curiousity: Can’t you just not use those tabs/links you don’t want? Why do you need them removed?

    I can think of lots of reasons to remove features that you don’t intend to use. One might set up a blog for novice users, such as a blog for my Dad, for example. Or one for the office, that various current and future co-workers would use. Every tab/button that is available to be clicked must be explained to the potential users, even if it’s just to say “never never touch this button” — and believe me these people would not understand The Codex or this forum, so it’s no use pointing them to a “documentation” link. Much better to remove the temptation/distraction from the interface, until there remains only the self-explanatory and useful features.

    I’ve done some of those changes on my own installs. I fixed the Dashboard, like you mentioned, for WP 2.0.3 *before* I upgraded all my blogs, now they all have my version of the Dashboard with none of that RSS stuff (it’s junk, to me anyway). I also took off the Bookmarklet, which seems really oddly placed in the Admin.

    One of the proud features of WordPress is that it values clean and simple. That theory is the same reason behind deleting these things for some types of blogs. Streamline, simplify, obviate.

    Remember that another method of controlling what features they see, is the User Levels, Roles, and Permissions. For example if you set a user to be just an “Author” or “Editor” instead of “Administrator”, then certain buttons in the admin will automatically be hidden. For example, I think Manage > Files is hidden from most roles except Admin. Log-out and log-in as an Author on your blog and see.

    moshu the reason i want them removed is just to make it easier for me to edit the wordpress files once i get more time and i dont want useless files and code taking up room and muddling me up.

    If anyone wishes to contact me they can do my contact email is:

    Dgold – could you post your blog url so i can have a look at it, thanks.

    I don’t wish to share my blogs on here at this time. You couldn’t see anything in my admin anyway.

    you can use the role manager plugin to turn off a lot of stuff for a particular role or user.

    Okay Dgold, i quick google and I found it. 😀
    @manstraw – thanks for the suggestions but i really want it to be more permanent as such.

    filmn, *I’m not sure if many people would be up for doing this for you*, but.. you could always make a backup of your whole wp-admin/ directory and start hacking or editing away yourself, using Xampp Lite, on your localhost..

    Other useful guides and tips here:

    You have already posted your email address, incase others would be willing to help.. Have you gotten an email yet? If not, in the mean time, you could always start on your own “project” lol.

    I’d try and help you here, but.. I’m really busy myself…sigh. =/ =( I wish you the best with this “project” lol.. And, if I have some “free” time, I’ll try and help.. 😉 🙂


    Messenger info:
    Yahoo: spencerpassmore [at] yahoo [dot] com
    Windows Live Mess: psgif180 [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Hi spencerp i might just do that, sadly no one has emailed me yet:, thanks for the links.

    Once again,


    Sorry to hear that no one replied. =( But, you’re welcome for the links there.. and again, good luck with it. =)


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