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  • Hello

    I just updated to WordPress 3.8 last night and I noticed that my profile picture is not showing in the goole SERP page.

    Is anyone else habving this issue or does anyonehve any suggestions to try??


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  • I changed my Google profile page url back to the old number version instead of the new format

    Hope this helps!!

    Looks like I spoke to soon…

    I must have been viewing a cached version – when i try looking on another pc there problem still exists. no profile picture!!

    think I’ve hit exactly the same thing. :o(


    mmm.. not confirmed really. one of my sites hasn’t upgraded and the Google profile picture isn’t showing either.

    Out of interest esavarese – what is you Google+ profile pic?

    OK. I’ve tested both pre & post 3.8 sites and most seem to be working. The fact that you can’t control what Google shows is what I reckon is happening here.

    Test your Authorship with

    If there’s no pic of you then there is a problem.

    Hi Polar_action

    I regularly test the Authorship and It looks good… however I may be wrong here but i think that it is only workig with chrome at the momnet and not with IE

    My profile is I have tested chrome on my desktoppc and my mobile and it is working – however IE8 is not showing it at all.. Thats my initial fining.. strange!!

    I thing that you may be right about controling what Google is showing!!

    Me and other people!categories/webmasters/structured-data got this issue.Most likely is due to the WordPress 3.8 update.
    Did you find a fix??

    Hi… I have not found a fix although I have noticed that is works with Google Chrome and not for Internet Explorer. .. but I’m not sure if anyone has the same results as me… to be honest I think that the only people that can fix this is WordPress. .. hopefully with an update

    We need to inform WordPress!


    For me it works on the articles that I have wrote before upgrading to WordPress 3.8. However the articles that I have wrote after this update don’t show my author image (my name and in how many circles i’m in are displayed), and it happens in all browsers…..AHH!

    yes google authorship not working with wordpress 3.8

    I have just tested my authorship with Google Serps.. If I sign into my Google services then authorship shows… If I sign out.. I don’t see any picture..

    I hope that WordPress try to fix this issue ASAP!!

    Just adding my name to the list. I have 5 websites and lost the authorship photo in serps for 3 of them immediately after upgrading to 3.8. Coding is the same on all sites … not sure why 2 of them still work. They all test fine in rich snippets but none of them show the photo in snippets.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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