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  • Resolved David Decker


    Thanks for a great plugin to give admins more options!

    I have 2 somewhat “issues” after testing:

    1) Wording:
    I would suggest to make it more clear that this is for the Debug Info screen and would effect display of items on that screen and also when copied to clipboard. Just to make it crystal clear in description and everywhere.

    Reason: there are already other “Site Health Manager” plugins available which focus on the “Status” tab and can disable various tests & checks.

    2) Filter Priority:
    You need to increase the filter priority a lot to catch third-party plugins which add their own info to the Debug Info screen. Any plugin that uses default priority of 10 or higher (especially when higher than 10!) is not catched, means: it still displays and gets copied even if items were deactivated in your manager plugin. Using different filter priorities is the only way currently for plugin devs to control the order of additional items on this screen. I currently do that in my plugins.

    Therefore I suggest something like that for your plugin:
    add_filter( 'debug_information', [ $this, 'disable_info' ], 1000 );

    Or even higher than “1000” to always be the last to hook in…!

    –Thanks, Dave 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Rami Yushuvaev



    Thanks for thanking the time to write a feedback.

    1. The initial version focused on “Info” screen (disabling critical data). The next version will focus on “Status” screen (disabling debug tests). The user won’t need another plugin, he will get all the setting in one plugin.
    2. Good catch! Thank you for noticing and reporting. I’ll fix the filter priority in the next version.
    Plugin Author Rami Yushuvaev


    Just released version 1.1.0, fixing all the above and more…

    Thank you @ramiy this is perfect!
    Already tested the new version and works like a charme 😉

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