• buckarooh


    I don’t write reviews often and I wait a while before I write them. If you have been hacked and you have multiple sites on your server, you need to read this.

    First of all, you will need to give wordfence control panel access, ftp access and WordPress admin access. You need to trust them a lot just to use them. If you have multiple sites, they want access to everything.

    A week after hiring them to solve my hacking issue, they informed me they wouldn’t fix my site unless they fixed each and every site on my account. It didn’t matter if the sites were uneffected, it didnt matter if they hadn’t had a file changed for 6 months. This is their policy. Take it or leave it.

    My site was hacked and I wanted it back up. I told support I would pay to have all my sites fixed but I wasn’t happy about it and I considered this extortion. To me, they were holding my site hostage unless I paid for more services than I wanted or needed and it didnt seem right.

    They could have scanned the other sites (one of which is 3 pages), said they were hacked (or not) and I would have considered them heroes. Instead, they refused to fix my site (due to th extortion comment) and refunded my money. Take this as freedom to work for whom you choose, an admission of guilt or just a bad policy, your choice.

    On the flip side, the free plugin is very useful for tracking down infected files, which you can replace yourself and is easier than you think.

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