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  • Hi, I have setup Wordfence Central with
    – scan findings on critical and high
    – daily digest
    – alerts from individual sites to no

    And I still receive email alerts from the individual sites for updates that are classified as Medium Severity Problems.

    That shouldn’t happen, or does it?


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  • And I received these from both WordFence Central AND the individual sites

    Critical Problems:
    * The Plugin “***” has been removed from

    Oh and the email from central has wrong formatting with " around the plugin name, like

    The Plugin "plugin name" has been removed from

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    Hey @jpnl,

    Can you try resaving the settings, and when you do check the browser console for any errors?

    Also, can you please share a screenshot of the browser console?



    Alice Farrelly


    @wfgerald I am having the same issue as @jpnl.

    When I check in the browser console while saving the settings no errors or warnings are coming up (it is just blank).

    A couple other things that could be related:

    • Only some sites are sending double alerts
    • I assumed that the daily digest meant I would get one email that included the alerts/findings for all the sites but I am just getting (nearly) the same emails as before just via Central
    • The scan findings are being sent each day not just the first time the result appears (for example: the plugin needs updating but it tells me every day even though there is no change from the results the previous day)

    I assume this is happening to other people as well.

    Still the same thing after re-saving (without errors)

    Scan findings on critical and high: should come from Central
    – They do, but the same finding on a daily basis when not fixed (unlike the plugin that sends it only once)

    Daily digest: should come from central
    – I haven’t received it yet

    Alerts from individual sites: set to NO
    – I receive medium alerts from the plugin on individual sites

    I’m having a similar issue on individual sites using Wordfence. Email notifications are turned off for:

    • increased attacks
    • lockouts/blocks of all kinds
    • non-admin logins

    However, all of these notifications are still being sent.

    WF Version: 7.3.4
    WP Version: 5.2.2

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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