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  • Hi there,

    I was wondering why you placed code in your download here that replaces links (rather uncomments a link) to your site support, in the js-support-ticket/modules/jssupportticket/tpls/admin_controlpanel.php file.

    Comparing the files from my site with the files from I noticed the link to your support page is commented out in the zip file here. But it isn’t commented out on my website.

    I also noticed a call for the file includes/updater/updater.php isn’t in the js-support-ticket/js-support-ticket.php file on my site, but it is there in the zip file downloaded from

    Upon closer examination, I find that you have a string replace call in the code of the includes/updater/updater.php to replace the call to that file with nothing. Then you remove the directory includes/updater from the plugin as well as call another file to drop db tables. I don’t mind you running scripts to change the way the plugin works, making it more efficient and all that.

    The problem arises when I have to go into your plugin and see why Wordfence is alerting me to files that don’t match what is in the repository.

    With all the security issues and attacks on sites we need to have plugins like Wordfence to help us out. You are requiring me to manually check files without you notifying me in the changelog that you have performed these tasks.

    Would you mind being a little more considerate of those who use your plugin in the future? Now I have to ignore the differences until you stop manipulating files upon updating. That creates questions in my mind as to what might be able to be done to those files while they are being ignored.

    I don’t understand why you would need to do the update that way? WordPress replaces directories when updating doesn’t it? The new files would be sufficient if that is the case. And the db update can be done without manipulating the contents of files so that they don’t match what is hosted on

    On top of that, why do you need to manipulate files after they are downloaded from

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