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  • Hi,

    I have a website which I can’t access from my own IP address. VPN works fine, and the website is only down for me when I check at

    I have installed Wordfence Assistant, deleted all blocked IP’s, turned off the firewall and did all options Wordfence Assistant gave me.

    Then I uninstalled the Wordfence plugin and even my Bulletproof Security plugin.

    Still no access to my website, only through a VPN.

    After reinstalling the Wordfence and the Bulletproof Security plugin, it still didn’t work; no access.

    I contacted my hoster and there is no firewall whatsoever that blocks IP they said. It must have been a routing problem from my IP to my website. Please NOTE that I also have problems accessing their main website. So you’d say it’s a routing problem.

    I tried renewing my IP address with my local ISP here, but that didn’t work. I think I have a static IP and they say I have a Dynamic IP.

    In the end, I still don’t have access to my website and when I check the WordPress admin panel with a VPN, I can see that Wordfence is still blocking my IP, eventhough I deleted all tables in wordfence, deleted all blocked IP etc.

    I am pretty clueless.

    Any ideas anyone?

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  • Which browser are you using? I’m sure you’ve thought of it, but in case you haven’t perhaps if you deleted the browser cache? ( I suggest this only because you said that you had uninstalled the Wordfence plugin)
    If that doesn’t help. I would suggest logging into your hosting cPanel or using an ftp program and looking in the plugins folder to see if Wordfence plugin is still there. If you delete the plugin (Wordfence folder) WordPress should deactivate the plugin and hopefully let you back in. I have used Wordfence before a few years ago and accidentally blocked myself I can’t remember what steps i took to resolve it now but I think this should work.
    The plugins folder is inside the wp-content folder .

    Hi Stan,

    I used Chrome and Safari on both my Mac and Windows PC.

    I will try your solution and will let you know.


    With a VPN I uninstalled the Wordfence plugin in my wordpress blog and then I connected to my server, because I still didn’t get access with my own IP.

    I deleted the wordfence folder and tried accessing my site with my local IP, but still didn’t work.

    I installed wordfence again and checked on my dashboard what IP’s are blocked in the top 5. I still see my local IP as one being blocked, eventhough I haven’t accessed my website after I made a fresh install with the Wordfence plugin.

    Meaning that somewhere data from Wordfence is still stored, even after deleting the plugin and the wordfence map on my server.

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    That is strange, it should remove your Ip. wordfence stores it’s data the wordpress MySQL database.
    I found these which may help:!_I_locked_myself_out_and_can%27t_get_back_in._What_can_I_do%3F

    Locked out of your website by Wordfence, how to solve it

    If neither these nor searching Google finds a solution, You may have to submit a ticket to the plugin author, here:

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    Do you have a caching plugin?
    Like W3 Total Cache? if so they will cause your problem.
    You should clear their cache. you may have to temporarily rename the caching plugin directory to disable it.

    It’s not using a caching plugin, will try your other suggestions later. Thanks for your suggestions!

    Try deleting your root and wp-admin htaccess files. If you have added any IP blocking htaccess code to BPS Custom Code then change or delete that IP blocking htaccess code:

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