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    Hello: I’ve been trying to find any information related to what Reverse Cache means in general and what Wordfence MySQL table, called wfReverseCache, does. But there is non information about it (at least I didn’t find it serching quite a lot). I see some encrypted IPs in that table and co-related to them host information (some host names exactly are IP addresses). The reason I’m worried that I don’t realy know who the host names are because all they show is IP address. Some host names such as and similar, understandable, but if I see just an IP address who knows whom it belongs to… I cannot check every IP address with WHOIS service because it is too much. All I want to know is what Wordfence MySQL table “wfReverseCache” does, and can I manually delete rows from it?

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  • Hi @korshiun,

    The “wfReverseCache” table is used when we do a reverse lookup on an IP address to get it’s hostname for example in live traffic. We cache the result in this table for the number of seconds defined in “WORDFENCE_REVERSE_LOOKUP_CACHE_TIME” which is defined in “lib/wordfenceConstants.php“.

    You can, if you choose to do so, delete its whole content (or some rows); this will force all hostnames (or those corresponding to the deleted rows) shown in live traffic to be re-looked-up.

    @wfyann, thank you for the answer!

    Good day,

    Ive had this same table crash on my site twice for the past two days.

    Each time it does so, my site only shows the WordPress install page.

    the site is

    Do you have any solution to this problem?

    Hi @learn2luvlove,

    The issue you’re having seems unrelated to the question raised in this topic.

    As per the WordPress forum guidelines, please make sure to start your own topic so we can further assist you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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