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    Hi, my RSS feed no longer works after I let Wordfence do a repair. Here’s the background: I installed Wordfence because my site had been hacked, causing my RSS feed to contain spam links under the images. (The feed worked, and validated, but nonetheless contained the spam.) I did a Wordfence scan, and it said there was malicious code in my header, and additional code that did not match my theme, and did I want Wordfence to attempt a repair. I clicked, “yes.” My site immediately went completely offline. I figured Wordfence’s repair must have compromised my theme, so I deleted my theme (Suffusion), and re-installed it, which brought my site back online. I did another Wordfence scan that said everything is now fine. However, ever since the repair, my RSS feed no longer works (I tried switching themes, and deactivating all my plugins, but it still doesn’t work.)
    My best guess is that the Wordfence repair did something that interferes with my RSS feed, but I am a complete tech novice and I have no idea how to rectify this. Can you help? My feed is:
    This is the error from the feed validator: XML parsing error: <unknown>:32:24: not well-formed (invalid token).
    Thank you!

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  • Nevermind! In a bizarre coincidence, in my very first post after using the Wordfence repair I accidentally had spaces in the html, between the photo and the text of the post, which caused the parsing error. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The RSS feed is back up and running, and Wordfence saved my site from getting hacked. So, thank you!

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